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Creating a Better
World through Marketing


World Marketing Summit was founded in 2011 by Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing, author and consultant; the S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Prof. Kotler attended a seminar in Abu Dhabi in which he first shared the idea of forming a forum of marketers who can contribute towards alleviating poverty. The concept gave birth to World Marketing Summit in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh under the patronage of the Government of Bangladesh. The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is designed to be an inclusive platform of developing and developed countries to solve the world’s critical challenges through the effective and efficient lens of marketing.

Our Vision

WMS envisages creating a better world through marketing ethos to trigger behavioral and attitudinal change in human society by engaging the best minds from the world of business, research and politics. The scenario of the world economy influenced by our founder, Professor Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing, is to conceptualize a new paradigm supported by marketing ethos. He calls this “Creating a Better World through Marketing”.

His belief is that by working with marketing principles backed by business models, we can ensure both poverty alleviation as well as meeting the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG). This model proposes that behavioral change is the key to ensure that MDG is attained by focusing on the needs and wants of the stakeholders, which also includes the customers.

About World
Marketing Summit


The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is founded by Prof. Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing  a global alliance; a collaboration that unites the best minds from corporate sphere working in concert with public sector and community leaders to transform and translate marketing ideas and solutions into tackling real and focused socioeconomic issues, and creating sustainable solutions through marketing centric initiatives that are driven by social responsibility acting as their fulcrum. The aim and unique vision of WMS is to elevate marketing from a corporate tool to a social equalizer that will deliver through a global stratagem “The New Paradigm of Marketing for the 21st century” while keeping its promise of: “Creating a Better World Through Marketing”.

The prime objective of World Marketing Summit is to co-create a better world with secured peace, stable growth, responsible capitalism, co-shared prosperity and sustainable planet by changing mindsets, addressing mandate for change, crafting operating models and driving social movements and reflecting through a coherent set of economic wealth, environmental wellness and human wisdom. WMS aim to influence mindsets, support feasible actions for change, and craft operating models to improve economic wealth, environmental wellness and human wellbeing.   

WMS will keep on focusing on:

  • Leading the World Ahead: Shared Vision, Shared Action
  • Mandates for Change: New Marketing Paradigm in Digitally Connected World
  • Marketing as an Engine for Transformation
  • Marketing in developed markets
  • The New Marketing Frontier for Business Value Creation in 21st Century

The World Marketing Summit was first held in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh with more than 6000 delegates and was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013, with more than 4,000 delegates and 50+ speakers from around the world. The 3rd was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 and the 4th also in Japan in 2015. WMS 2016 also happened in Japan, but due to heavy demand worldwide, in 2017 WMS happened in four different countries Including Canada, Bahrain, Korea & Japan and in 2018 WMS was held in eight countries including Chile, Bolivia, Italy, Turkey, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan. WMS was held in 12 countries in 2019 including Italy, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, United Kingdom, India, Philippine, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada and Bangladesh.


Electronic WMS

eWMS is an off-shoot of WMS (World Marketing Summit), due to COVID 19, it has been challenging and uncertain for all industries and businesses in 2020, World Marketing Summit group initiated eWMS, the online World Marketing Summit as new challenges required new solutions.  

eWMS has chosen to innovate an online solution to meet the needs of its customers. Businesses need to think ahead on creating new marketing strategies, innovating new products, building new partnerships, or acquiring another plan. Chaotic times always produce new marketing and innovative opportunities. Business people are hungry to hear and think about new ideas. In this connection, the World Marketing Summit (WMS) has expanded to address the concerns of businesses worldwide. We call this initiative eWMS. We recognize the need to educate, train and stimulate audiences around the world.

First electronic World Marketing Summit was held on November 6-7, 2020 that brought the ideas and observations of 88 top world leaders and marketers to the attention of the whole world. The message of eWMS 2020 has reached more than two million people, and our partners contributed to the families of victims of COVID. 

The next chapter of the electronic World Marketing Summit was held on NOV 6 & 7, 2021, to educate, train, and stimulate audiences worldwide. Invited 125+ eminent speakers from academic, government and corporate sectors to share their ideas on the post-Covid business world. This exciting event occurred on November 6 and 7, 2021, in the form of online presentations at 00:01 am GMT on NOV 6 and finish at 11:59 pm GMT on Nov 7. The theme of eWMS 2021 was: Hello Tomorrow, “Building the next new normal.

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Advisory Board


Philip Kotler

Founder & Convener World Marketing Summit


Sadia Kibria

Co-Founder World Marketing Summit


Kozoh Takaoka

President Nestle Japan

David Aaker

Father of Modern Branding, USA

Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Turkey

Denis Rothman

Artificial Intelligence Consultant toLVMH, Airbus & AirFrance, France

Hermawan Kartajaya

CEO MarkPlus Inc., Indonesia

Martha Rogers

Founding Partner at Peppers & Rogers Group, USA

Linden Brown

Chairman & Cofounder at MarketCulture, Australia

Dr. Abdul Hai

Chairman at Mega Consultations, Saudia Arabia

Nancy R. Lee

President of Social Marketing Services, Inc., USA

Dominique Hanssens

Professor of Marketing at UCLA, USA

Dr. Atul Chohan

President and Chancellor, Amity Education Group, India

Dr. Asghar Zaidi

Vice-Chancellor GC University, Pakistan

Mazliham Mohd

President & CEO at MMU, Malaysia

Gabriele Carboni

Top 5 Marketing Influencer & CEO Weevo, Italy

Raul Amigo

CEO & Founder, Umuntu CX Design, USA

Aung Tun Thet​

Economic Presidential Advisor, Myanmar