H.E. Mashiur Rahman

The Bangladesh government has taken initiatives towards building a digital Bangladesh that will train the workforce to deal with the 4th Industrial Revolution, compatible with our resource endowment structure

H.E. Dr. Dipu Moni

Education should be enjoyable and not confined to the classroom’s four walls. Only then can we ensure the development of a well-educated and skilled workforce

H.E. Zunaid Ahmed Palak

H.E. Sheikh Hasina

Yasir Azman

Dr. Abdullah Yousuf

Marketers have the power to change the world. But then they spend trillions of dollars of promotional budget to play the game of deception with consumers’ mindMarketers have the power to change the world. But then they spend trillions of dollars of promotional budget to play the game of deception with consumers’ minds. Marketing should be social, societal, and ethical.s. Marketing should be social, societal, and ethical.

H.E. Sheikh Hasina

What does the future of Bangladesh look like? How has Bangladesh responded to the impacts of COVID-19 on economy and livelihood? What lessons can other developing countries learn from the growth and success of Bangladesh?
Sheikh Hasina, the Honorable Prime Minister of Republic of Bangladesh addressed the participants about the remarkable growth of Bangladesh and how despite the challenges of COVID-19, the country took measures to sustain its economic growth. Talking about the new normal, she shed light on how the pandemic has not only challenged the economic system globally but also the health system. She remarked on the valuable contribution of the WMS in preparing the world for tomorrow.

H.E. Dr. A. K Momen

How digitalization efforts can push a country towards development? Why has digitalization become so important for the countries in the contemporary world? How can marketing enhance the image of a country at international level?

Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen spoke about the great opportunity that the Electronic World Marketing Summit has brought, especially to overcome the present pandemic crisis globally. He moves on with his discussion emphasizing about the significance of technology and how digital transformation is becoming imperative for countries to develop. He further comments about what is marketing and how it is crucial for businesses, especially for developing credibility, competitiveness and trustworthiness.

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed

Why are digital products using digital channels to promote their products? Why an individual company can’t do everything by themselves? Why is it important to have a partner in marketing? What kind of distribution happens in emerging markets?
Mahtab Uddin Ahmed is talking about the new trends and techniques for the growth of marketing. He also discussed some significant methods to make more money. He discussed that the internet and phones are the fastest ways of increasing the growth of one industry and their products in digital ways.

Yousuf Abdullah

What is the impact of the textile industry on the environment? How the textile industry is paving the way for an unhealthy and hazardous future? What are the responsibilities of the global marketing leaders?
What are the new business models that are needed for a greener planet?
Yousaf Abdullah in his speech presents his thoughts on global climate change and the textile industry. He explains the detrimental impacts of environmental pollution and what approach should be adopted to prevent the climate catastrophe. He presents the way forward for a greener and healthier world.