Sadia Kibria

 Whether it be a person or a business, it is the responsibility of everyone to help in making this world a better place for everyone. Governments, businesses, and brands have a much larger, more effective, and more efficient impact than individual efforts

Prof. Russell Belk

Prof. Henry Mintzberg

Capitalism needs fixing. But, if the problem in society is largely one of imbalance in favor of capitalism, in favor of the private sector, then fixing capitalism won’t solve the problem. The problem will be solved when capitalism gets put in this place, which is the marketplace

Sadia Kibria

Sadia Kibria

What does the world want from businesses in the fight against COVID? What is Sociopreneurship and why is it so important for a better and sustainable world? How major companies worked together to fight COVID and what important message they have delivered? What are the new demands of consumers from the companies and why is it important for the companies to fulfil those demands?
Sociopreneurship carries a mission and vision to change and transform society. Sadia Kibria’s speech will highlight the key components of sociopreneurship and how major companies are adopting this concept to save the world from the impacts of Covid-19 and why it is important now for big corporations to work for the betterment of the people.

Henry Mintzberg

Why is there imbalance in society and the lack of balance between sectors? What are the three sectors of power? What are the three most common ways of going out of balance? What is populism? Why is getting into marketing a problem? Why do most countries have their public sectors private?
Henry Mintzberg is talking about the issues our society is facing, and the most common one is being out of balance and marketing. He also talked about the problem that is related to the pandemic. He also talks about the causes of these problems. He also discussed the issue of pollution.

Dr. Khalid Hasan

Why recruiters, advertisers and marketers are portraying aging as a concern? How employing people, irrespective of their age, can deal with staff shortages? Why population above 65 is facing financial and psychological constraints? What can be the role of human resource companies to accommodate older employees?
Hassan states that medical science has become advanced which has resulted in increased human life expectancy. The concern is that expectancy has increased but the retirement age has not which put many senior citizens under financial pressures. He accentuates that many business models are promoting biased and discriminatory mindset against the process of ageing in order to turn their business a success. He highlights that the process of ageing is being portrayed in brand marketing as objectionable to promote anti-ageing products, especially by brain washing female consumers. Giving occupation to experienced people, regardless of age group, can bring more productivity, professionalism and intergenerational teamwork at workplaces. He further advocates that human resource agencies can help in countering the discrimination against senior individuals also uplifting their livelihood by giving finance based opportunities.

Sadia Kibria

Which are the trends of the companies during the COVID-19? How consumers behavior is changing over the time? Which is the purpose of companies?

The social entrepreneur pursues a mission and vision to change the society. Sadia Kibria speech will introduce us to the concept of Sociopreneurship starting from the fact that we are facing global pandemic and problems become global.

Prof. Robert Cooper

• What is the “Agile marketing”? • What are the key concepts of the Agile Manifesto? • What is LEGO Education?

Professor Robert Cooper in this talk explains the importance of Agile method in marketing, because technology affects all business sectors, indicating new strategies, planning and management processes.


Brian Rotsztein

How do you explain content marketing without getting frustrated?  Specific Goals: What actions do you want your audience to take?  What content will resonate the most with your audience? What the ROI of caring for customers and the world? What is the expected outcome of posting sensitive content?

Professor Brian Rotsztein  speech provides a guide and valuable advice on content marketing, and how it is evolving during the pandemic, brings you a list of key areas to focus on as you adapt your marketing processes, customer relationships, content creation, and team operations over the next 12 months.