Hermawan Kartajaya

If you don’t have creativity and innovation, you will die in times of conflict. Technology must be educated to humanity, and ‘Human 5.0’ is the only answer in marketing. Why? Because the customer is human, and if the market does not have wisdom with the human spirit, technology may increase the number of users, but will that be sustainable?

H.E. Joko Widodo

What are the problems faced by the world due to pandemic? How to overcome these challenges? What are the new strategies for more jobs? What are the new opportunities?
H.K. Joko Widodo discussed the new challenges the world is facing now and how we can overcome these problems with new solutions and strategies. He also said that 2022 is full of new opportunities so we should work hard for them.

Zulkifli Zaini

What is the future of green energy in Indonesia? What are the future energy plans of Indonesia? What innovations are taking place in the energy sector of the country? How digitalization in Indonesia is making things easier?
Zulkifi Zaini in his talk shares his vast experience of banking and industry and talks about the energy plans of his country. He explains the steps that have been taken to make sure that everyone in the country has access to energy. He shares his vision of green energy and how digital marketing is making things easier for the consumers in Indonesia.

Royke Tumilaar

How bank strategies can help in empowering SMEs to go global? How much growth of small businesses has taken place in the last five years? Where SMEs are lacking since the COVID has grappled the world? How strategic positioning can strengthen international banking capabilities?
Tumilaar suggest that banking system can play a vital role in in empowering and strengthening the performance and presence of SME in global arena. He highlights that global banking systems have the vision to make 200,000 networks located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. He states that businesses have been growing despite the pandemic and profit has increased globally by employing more strategic and efficient initiative. Tulimaar advocates that small businesses have seen a record growth of 13% in past five year tenure. He elaborates that although SMEs are lacking product distribution as compared to others in market, improvement in strategies have has made businesses to contribute 21.6% globally.

Hermawan Kartajaya

What is the importance of pandemic transformation to reach cooperation? How is social power more powerful than political power? How do corporate communicators and lobbyists support the organization? Why are values and norms important in marketing and customer management?
Kartajaya highlights the importance of values and norms within the organizations in the post pandemic world. He suggests that global crises can be managed and transformed through Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 3Rs; relief, recovery and revolve as the social system is more commanding and influential. Being a co-founder of world marketing for room W. M. F., Kartajaya emphasizes that lobbying provides and supports companies, countries and institutions ultimately supporting the post pandemic marketing, policy making, cooperation and multi-dimensional technology. He emphasizes that the balance between social and political power is absolutely necessary, so government, economic players and social influencers, such as NGOs, hold an immense importance in formulating the policies.

Prijono Sugiarto

How global forces are changing the way humans have been living? How have companies changed their strategies to adopt the new dynamics in the COVID-19 world? Why is digital competence important in the present world to remain relevant?
Prijono Sugirato briefs about the ways in which the world is being digitally transformed and at a very rapid speed. Sharing experience from Astra, he suggests that companies need to make use of technology and adopt digital transformation because the world is in the phase of the fourth Industrial Revolution. He further recommends making the corporate sector sustainable and integrating environmental considerations in the policy making and implementation.

Hermawan Kartajaya

• How Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership will make difference in the future? • The increase of the productivity at any cost, will it still drive the future of winning companies? • How Creative Ideas, Innovative Solutions, Entrepreneur Value will drive the new economy?

Learn how to win in the post-COVID era with professor Hermawan Kartajaya, in this speech you will see how human balance, relationships and solidarity will save economy.

Iwan Setiawan

• What are the appropriate marketing tools to face the new digital landscape? • How companies can evolve from traditional marketing to digital marketing? • what is customer service marketing? • What is the marketing 5.0?

Prof. Iwan Setiawan introduces to us the evolution in marketing using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to achieve the new marketing goals.

Airlangga Hartarto

Airlangga Hartarto updates on the current Indonesian situation and its economic policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.