Dr. Amir Shahrokhi

To have a justified view and intellectual coherence to achieve sustainability, we must try to identify the essential issues that will add new influential topics and discussions to sustainability knowledge and emphasizing main categories will lead to a brand-new formal form of understanding responsibility and ethics in social, environmental, and business atmospheres

Amir Shahrokhi

What were the obstacles to businesses during the pandemic? Will the new normal be the same in the post-COVID world? how to come up with a solution that would have both the features of the formal normal work offices and the benefits of virtual or remote working? What will the future work environment look like?
Amir Shahrokhi compares and contrasts the world before, during and what it might look like after the pandemic is over. He discusses the changes that companies, businesses and their employees experienced during the outbreak of coronavirus. He further highlights how the working behaviors have changed from going to office daily and then moving the entire business on virtual platforms and working from home.

Dr. Mahmood Mohamadian

How pandemic changed the future of marketing globally? Why is understanding data sciences combined with marketing is important to know? Why are marketing ethics important to be recognized? What makes technology important in times of pandemic to run companies?
Mohammadi highlights that dimensions to understand marketing have changed since the pandemic. Earlier, businesses were taking decisions based on their intuitions, but COVID has increased the relevancy of data science in order to understand consumer behavior. He suggests that every problem brings challenges and opportunities i.e. technology advancement. Now businesses are revolving around data driven marketing because it helps gather information regarding consumers, suppliers and stakeholders. He elaborates, though humankind has advanced capacity in today’s world, we are still lacking marketing ethics. Marketing is about providing value for money which is why following legal guidelines is of grave significance. We as marketers need to pay more attention to ethics and technology.

Shahin Fatemi


Why is rebranding important for the evolution of a business? Why is it imperative to know the needs of the customer? Why is it essential to find the roots of the business? How can a brand influence the lifestyle of a customer?
In the speech Shahin Fatemi talks about how adapting to the change brings positive changes to the business and how it enables the brand to grow. She further explains that a business should always remain close to the roots and not forget its origin. Staying close to ones origin helps gain confidence of the customers

Ahmad Roosta

How to Identify high end and high-tech segment and customers expectations and values? Using Multi level & network marketing is enough to increase sales and expanding market? How to develop 5Aps as attractive marketing mix including? Will Hardware, Brainwhere and software of digital marketing meet the requirement of internet and virtual market?

Different type of customer, in different part of world have different needs, expectations, values and wants. Professor Ahmed Roosta will teach how to deal in the new market arena.