Stefania Pertusi

We will talk about promoting talents and sustainability through mentoring. New generations are looking for purpose and impact in what they do; they’re looking for a way to influence the planet, people, and environment positively; therefore, talent retention for companies is an important step.

Gabriele Carboni

Dr. Stefano Bartoli

Future technologies are important, yet nothing can surpass human relationships, which are dependent on communication; changing communication will change the relationship as well. There will be no technology so advanced that it can surpass the understanding, the connection of two eyes looking at each other or two feelings inter-tweeted.

Gherado Magri

Learn how Vaillant Group Italy, which provides customers with energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and resource-saving solutions for homes, succeeds through a comprehensive sustainability program, where they educate the mindset of consumers towards sustainability, and thus the company contributes to achieving global climate protection goals.

Alessandro Mazzu

Gabriele Carboni

What obstacles for the entrepreneurs and managers of today’s world face when moving on a path of innovation? What is the new digital strategy that can help entrepreneurs to climb the ladder of innovation? What is the importance of a visual planner? What should you know before creating content for your digital plan? Why has digital communication become so important for an organization to grow?
Gabriele Carboni shares his experience and insight that has led to a static growth among the entrepreneurs. He talks about digital marketing where everything is measurable and thus the importance of formulating strategies of success. He suggests investing more time in your business if you plan to climb to success and consider that time as a kind of corporate trip. Carboni urges organizations to think beyond making profits and looking at building relationships with clients.

Guerino Delfino

Why is the act of humility required? What are the key takeaways about COVID? How are global sustainability goals important in bringing the revolution? What are the important factors in achieving sustainability? How brands are setting new narratives and stances for the world? Why is it necessary to learn market and consumer habits?
Delfino emphasizes on the importance of adapting to the ways of the natural world rather than material world. He suggests that an act of humbleness is necessary which is why nature and economy should both be taken into account as proportional to each other. Delfino highlights that COVID has taught us that we are facing the same challenges which require collective progress towards global sustainability goals, especially SDGs. Transparency is necessary in achieving truthfulness in narrative building and marketing objectives to enhance long term growth. He further proposes that brands need to be honest with their storytelling behind their inspiration and stance building as consumers have a huge role in ensuring sustainability. He further focusses that life choice must be in line with the conscience. Values combined with technology and finance regulation is the key in ensuring sustainability.

Mauro Bombacigno

How risks and opportunities can be turned into events proactively? Why have values become more important in the pandemic world? How can managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders keep up with speedy change? Why traditional strategies cannot counter future challenges?
Bombacigno highlights that pandemics have presented the world with many accelerating themes for sustainable society. Pandemic has presented humankind with various tasks and opportunities, turning them into events concerning environment, sustainability, global warming and biodiversity etc. he emphasizes that pandemic has restarted the world which is why we need to be very careful while using resources that are not rebuildable. Financial institutions not only have the responsibility to make clientele based upon trust and transparency, but also make the world a better place. He further insists that traditional strategies and ways of dealing will not help in countering future challenges. New times require new strategies and mindsets. For better social inclusion, we need to find better solutions.

Prof. Nardone Giorgio

How can technology change the relationship among humans? Will this pandemic change the nature of human relationships and will they really learn from this new challenge? How can humans use their experiences to shape the world into a better place?
Giorgio Nardone elaborates his thoughts on changing the current state of human society, where he suggests that if humans start learning from their experiences and put that learning into shaping a better society, it would help fight against the tragedies of the world. He believes that each and every human, especially those in power have a responsibility and can help in changing the world and making it a place where people can live together.

Stefania Pertusi

What is diversity and inclusion? How Tetra Pak interprets diversity and inclusion? Why is it important to talk about diversity and inclusion and how important they are for an organization?
Stefania Pertusi in her speech talks about the importance of diversity and inclusion and how her organization incorporates that. She explains that it is a matter of conscious marketing and it is a matter of interest of public opinion and what are its implications on the overall performance of the organization and how the organizations are benefitting by adopting this approach.