H.E. Adham Baba

Pandemic disrupted the countries, yet it has engaged countries with critical strategies to boost socio-economic recovery. Countries are seeing opportunities for restructuring businesses, reassessing their weaknesses and strengths and resetting the country’s direction for future collaboration among government, companies and research institutions to improve the ecosystem more than ever.

Dr. Mazliham Bin Mohd

During COVID, academic institutions went online, causing stress and anxiety among students. Mental health issues are often among the main causes affecting an individual’s physical and social well-being. For the students in the university, mental health issues will certainly affect study performance and thus can create more problems in the future.

H.E. Baba Adham

How technology can transform the strategies of the government to curb the spread of COVID-19? Why has digital transformation become significant in an age of social distancing? What measures can be taken to move towards an accelerated digital health sector and how can it be utilized for the benefit of the government and public? How technology can be the driving force for the evolution of healthcare?
Dr. Adham Baba keeping in view the current COVID-19 pandemic suggests that digital adoption and transformation has accelerated and become a need of time. He shares certain initiatives that the government in collaboration can undertake to curb the spread of COVID-19. He focuses on how important it has become to digitalize the health sector, such as visual meetings of doctors and patients.

Dr. Mazliham Bin Mohd. Suud

How to handle the challenge of continuation of education during the pandemic? How has the education sector changed since the eruption of the novel coronavirus? What is the importance of communication in a pandemic-like situation? What are the challenges to the online education system?
Dr. Mazliham bin. Mohd. Shares his experience about meeting the challenges that COVID-19 presented to the educational sector. Discussing the strategies that Malaysia adopted, he suggested that drastic changes have to be made to continue the education at all levels, and moving to online platforms was the most feasible option. He discussed the challenges in this regard, which required training of teachers and students in a situation which was unknown before. He shed light on how important are educational institutions in a student’s life, as it is a place where they do not only learn, but share experiences, ideas and cultures.

Shahul Hamid Bin Mohd Ismail

• What are the enablers of a Business without borders? • What is the most important enabler? • Are all companies adopting these enablers, successful? • What are the benefits for a company to go global? • How did globalization affect the business world?