H. E. Leni Robredo

How do we navigate through this unprecedented time? What will the business and marketing landscape look like in a post-COVID-19 world? What can we do to help build the next new normal one that is better, more sustainable and more humane?
H. E. Leni speaks about the unforeseen challenges that COVID-19 has presented to the world, and how these challenges have become an obstacle for the global economy. She expresses that there is no certainty about what the world will be like once the pandemic crisis is over. Leni highlights that impacts of pandemic have been widespread since the world has become very interconnected. The pandemic has impacted not only the economy, but also the lives of individuals as they are faced with many challenges in daily life.

Edwin R Bautista

What is blockchain? What are the major milestones of union bank? What do you do to create a sense of urgency? How is the world being disrupted? How might we be disrupted? How have banks been disrupted? What is digital transformation?
Edwin R. Bautista has been discussing the new technology and how tech is important but a person is more important. He talked about the fundamental key factors that can help to build brand trust so that can lead to customer loyalty because customer are now used to better service.

Amor Maclang

What is marketing by technology? How do nation technologies redefine the marketplace? How do industries create their shapes? What are the two types of marketing companies? What are the trends that are disturbing the industry marketing? What has replaced industry marketing? What, besides echo chambers and self-serving echo chambers, has replaced industry marketing?
Amor Maclang shares her experiences with marketing. She talks about the new trends that can be taken in improving the basis of the industry. Amor talks about the new startups and what difficulties they would be facing. She also talks about the importance of technology in marketing and how technology is helping in solving the problems.

Nina D. Aguas

What is the importance of devices in fulfillment of responsibilities? How has the advancement of technology has affected face-to-face interaction at offices? Why is the well-being of employees necessary to empower an organization? How availability of technology helped the operations going from home during pandemic?
Nina Aguas highlights that, on one hand, introduction and advancement of technology has helped in taking up the professional responsibilities more actively. But on the other hand, Aguas insists, technology has created hindrances in face-to-face communication. During the pandemic, technology proved to be very convenient in keeping the engagement, performance and operation of the workplace going. Aguas emphasizes that employees and their well-being comes first because they ensure the smooth delivery of tasks to the customers and stakeholders. She further states that a conducive environment for the employees is a must because if companies adopt harsh stance on returning to work during a pandemic may cause them loss of workforce. Flexible work environment for male and especially female employees contributes to having a healthy and rewarding workplace.

Francis J. Kong

What are the new challenges that have emerged for leaders because of the pandemic? What are the important leadership skills and leadership development? What are the seven disruptions of modern day living? What is the future of the new pandemic generation? Why is chronic instability the new normal? What should be the thinking process of a leader in such challenging times? Why is emotional intelligence so important to be a good leader?
Francis Kong who has an extensive experience of teaching leadership development in the leading universities and organizations talks about the thinking process, the mindset a successful leader should follow. The new challenges this pandemic has brought for the leaders and how the leaders should take along this new pandemic generation.