Dilhan C. Fernando

The challenges we face as a global community are unprecedented and harsh, but the solutions do exist and require that every individual and entity collaborate towards finding and executing the solution, leaving the earth a better place than when we found it for the next generation.

Hemantha Perera

Shalin Balasuriya

How to build a connection between the brand and the customers? What are important factors to consider when designing a brand and product for the locals? How to make your brand authentic and customer friendly? How to integrate culture into your brand to make it authentic and a unique identity for the brand?
Shalin Balasuriya who owns a local Sri Lankan brand, went international, shares his story of how he along with his family started a brand and how it went successful. The strategy of this success which he shared while addressing the Summit was that they kept in mind the purchasing behavior of the customers, what they were looking for and what other options they had in the market. Considering many similar factors, and variables like customers’ demand for sustainable, environment friendly and authentic products, they designed their brand.

Dilhan Fernando

What innovation means to a business? Why should companies focus on evolving their products? What is the importance of respecting values, and traditions, especially when running a family business? What are the principles that make business successful?
Dilhan Fernando who has been running a family business in Sri Lanka, shares his expertise on the importance of purpose when establishing a business. Through his experience, he suggests why companies need to not only focus on making money but establishing a significance. He emphasized why it is crucial to respect traditions, co-existing and most importantly when the world is facing consequences of climate change, how businesses should become eco friendly and sustainable.