Mauro Porcini

Human centricity is at the base of business today. If you don’t create extraordinary excellent products in the age of excellence. Somebody else will do it on your behalf. Human centricity is at the center of a better, happier society as a more sustainable planet for all of us to live in.

Prof. Philip Kotler

Marshall Goldsmith

Philip Kotler

• How will Capitalism be affected from pandemic? • When the Coronavirus is over, which companies will recover and which will lag over? • How long will take the recovery? • What is the difference between Traditional Capitalism and Social Capitalism? • What are the changes in consumer behavior? What are the Major Tools of the new marketing? • How the pandemic is affecting our customers and our lives?

Professor Kotler in his deep speech for the eWMS 2020 has taken an in-depth look into the past and present of consumerism. He has identified and described the changes in consumer trends and behavior resulting from the impact of COVID-19. In his video analyses the problem of COVID-19 and how the pandemic is affecting our customers and our lives. He shows some strategies and tools that are used in making your business success greater.

Laura Ries

• What are the principles of positioning to succeed in the 21st century? • Why most successful companies of the last century are not doing well today? • How to create winning brands in this new scenario?

Laura Ries will drive us into The Five positioning principles for companies who want to succeed in their markets of the 21st Century.

Larry Light

• Are MBA level programs preparing new generation for the new social and environment realities? • Why the value of MBA has deteriorated over the time? • MBA programs are really giving students adequate salary opportunities? • Is MBA world market brand considered now as a bad value for money? • What are the impacts relevant of an MBA?

Prof. Larry Light analyses the difference between a traditional MBA and a modern MBA focusing on all the challenges being faced. The role of businesses school towards the serious ethical issue of corporate social responsibility.

Mauro Porcini

What is the role of the innovation? How brands of the biggest companies of the world changed in the last decade? How and why design is important in the innovation project? What is design-thinking? • How companies and design can make people life easier?

Mauro Porcini focuses on the importance of innovation and design in big brands, and value that these assets brings for consumers, employees of the company and the innovation itself.

Dr. Ira Kaufman

How do crises affect our future?  Is there another way to obtain an harmonious future?  Does strategic balance depend mostly on values?  Will we be able to create an harmonious future?

Dr. Ira Kaufman’s speech will analyses the 7 drivers to create business balance and establish new values for economic goals.

David Houle

Why was 2020s decade defined as the most disruptive decade in history?  What the upcoming years will bring us?  Is there hope for positivity or negativity to cover the world? Will Artificial Intelligence will replace human beings or will humans survive with it?

In this speech, Professor David Houle will analyse the transformation to find the real definition of innovation and the role of Nature in the coming period.

Russ Klein

Does Storytelling will still the strength of a big success? Is there an alternative to storytelling in marketing? How the Experience design can be the next frontier for brand-building?

Russ Klein analyses the integration of Experience Design into marketing, making it a better strategy than storytelling to engage customers.