David Aaker

What are subcategories in business and why are they so important? How can companies use social media platforms to enhance the reach of their business? How can companies develop a good lasting relationship with their clients?
David emphasizes on the importance of formulating and owning a subcategory that will change the game, a kind of category where the customer insists on buying. He talks about changing the way people consider buying products. Sharing his experience of years, he talks about why innovation, subcategories and brands are the key to growth. He highlights the significance of factors such as accessibility, simplicity and convenience, that will help attract and retain customers. To expand and scale rapidly, he suggests that a company must utilize social media.

Dr. Darren Coleman

What are the more stable and enduring characteristics of human behavior? How can you incorporate these behaviors into the brand experiences you build so you can win in the new or not so new normal? Do organizations need to focus on the changing nature of man? How stories and emotions can help build a brand?
Darren Coleman shares his insight about understanding those human behaviors that do not change over time. Keeping in view such behaviors he suggests that these factors need to be a focal point of the companies rather than exhausting their efforts over what might change in future. In this regard for factors, emotions, sense of belonging, humor and stories are the unchanging factors and the brands must keep them in consideration to build a good customer chain.

Prof. David Reibstein

How does the brand affect the economy of a country? Why is it important for the companies to invest in the brands? How can the value of a brand be defined? How a country benefit from the image of a brand? How brand campaign benefits the economy of the country? How customers perceive the marketing of a country?
David Reibstein talks about how marketing has shaped the economy of the countries. He talks about a few examples which have benefited the various countries of the world because of the marketing campaign done right at the right time.

Mohammed Hathut

How is marketing an amazing tool to reach out to almost every segment? What is meant by scarcity marketing? Do you really need to define your targets for running a successful marketing campaign?
Dr. Hatut shares three different stories in his speech to help the audience understand the vitality of marketing, and how they need to be specific and target their audience accordingly to run a successful marketing campaign. He further lays down important strategies of understanding the customers, such as why are they buying a certain product and why they are not buying other products. By giving examples of famous companies, emphasizes that marketing is all about influencing the customers.

Takaaki Ogawa

Should brands aim for perception change? How to overcome the competition in the market environment? How can narrative be developed in the world? What does narrative and narrative script in the world of business and marketing? Has the influence of Corona changed the behavior of our customers significantly?
Takaaki Ogawa, talking about narrative, says that the fact that the narrative will be released also means that the company has announced the structure of the narrative and has begun to develop it. The important thing she says is how to draw the narrative in the script above and all communication marketing communication activities are consistent in their participation. She further says that even now, the future is uncertain. Such an unstable situation continues.

Masato Aoki

Shahin Fatemi


Why is rebranding important for the evolution of a business? Why is it imperative to know the needs of the customer? Why is it essential to find the roots of the business? How can a brand influence the lifestyle of a customer?
In the speech Shahin Fatemi talks about how adapting to the change brings positive changes to the business and how it enables the brand to grow. She further explains that a business should always remain close to the roots and not forget its origin. Staying close to ones origin helps gain confidence of the customers

Shalin Balasuriya

How to build a connection between the brand and the customers? What are important factors to consider when designing a brand and product for the locals? How to make your brand authentic and customer friendly? How to integrate culture into your brand to make it authentic and a unique identity for the brand?
Shalin Balasuriya who owns a local Sri Lankan brand, went international, shares his story of how he along with his family started a brand and how it went successful. The strategy of this success which he shared while addressing the Summit was that they kept in mind the purchasing behavior of the customers, what they were looking for and what other options they had in the market. Considering many similar factors, and variables like customers’ demand for sustainable, environment friendly and authentic products, they designed their brand.

Milton Kotler

What is a brand and why marketers create its reputation? How is culture related to the reputation of a brand? How does a country’s reputation and global standing influence the brand name? How are Chinese companies rebuilding consumer’s trust in their products?
Kotler highlights that the status of a country adds significance to its products. Countries such as China and the U.S. have brand reputation globally. He suggests that the cultural values of a country reflect in strategy and logos of a brand to capture the hearts and minds of a consumer i.e. Swiss are considered the best watchmakers, Mercedes and BMW have their worldwide capability in automobiles. China is recently acquiring a place as the most sophisticated manufacturer of products. He highlights that companies in China are now working hard to gain trust of consumers in their manufactured products by building communication and addressing the issues regarding supply chain. In today’s world, brands are not only confined to products and setups, they represent a country’s profile and reputation both regionally and globally.

Dr. Manoj Singh