Zulkifli Zaini

What is the future of green energy in Indonesia? What are the future energy plans of Indonesia? What innovations are taking place in the energy sector of the country? How digitalization in Indonesia is making things easier?
Zulkifi Zaini in his talk shares his vast experience of banking and industry and talks about the energy plans of his country. He explains the steps that have been taken to make sure that everyone in the country has access to energy. He shares his vision of green energy and how digital marketing is making things easier for the consumers in Indonesia.

Dr. Di Deng

What are appealing Chinese websites? Why did the Chinese government not stop the infrastructure stimulating the economy? Why couldn’t the government adapt to a new normal? Why is the infrastructure of the real estate market in China almost saturated? What are the fundamental factors that have continued in the past 1.5 years?
Dr. Di Deng is talking about the concept of new normal in business and marketing, and how the new trend in getting famous in the Chinese market place. He also talked about the economy and development of industries during the pandemic and how the new entrepreneurs can develop a successful industry by telling different stories of some famous industries.

Dr. Sok Siphana

What is the effect of the pandemic on the economy of Cambodia? How can the economy and Livelihood can be recovered? How did the Royal government in Cambodia help in the aggressive vaccination program? Why is the Delta variant complicating the situation? What are the factors that will help in diverting the attention of the world towards Cambodia? How do the two major Political and economic events help in shaping the future of Cambodia?
Sok saphina talks about how to improve the social status of Cambodia. He talks about high-level technology, innovation, R&D, digital infrastructure, and innovative manufacturing to add value to goods logistics, supply chains, and industry to support regional and global value chains. He talked about different trades that Cambodia is negotiating with different countries. He talked about young and women entrepreneurs to take advantage of these new upcoming opportunities. He also talked about the NATO startup center.

Elena Hurtado

How are prudence and coherence for companies in a time when the future remains uncertain? What is the importance of communication for companies? What is an integrated image and reputation audit model? What is the anchor that allows the development of the products and services?
Elena, while talking about what is the anchor that allows the development of the products and services says that it’s called credibility. It’s called reputation and it is an intangible that is built from Further she talks about the coherence between what the company claims to be, how it does it and how it communicates and like the different ones. A market and the ecosystem generate this. Another aspect of her speech is focused on messages that she regards as persuasive, commercial, advertising, informational.

Royke Tumilaar

How bank strategies can help in empowering SMEs to go global? How much growth of small businesses has taken place in the last five years? Where SMEs are lacking since the COVID has grappled the world? How strategic positioning can strengthen international banking capabilities?
Tumilaar suggest that banking system can play a vital role in in empowering and strengthening the performance and presence of SME in global arena. He highlights that global banking systems have the vision to make 200,000 networks located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. He states that businesses have been growing despite the pandemic and profit has increased globally by employing more strategic and efficient initiative. Tulimaar advocates that small businesses have seen a record growth of 13% in past five year tenure. He elaborates that although SMEs are lacking product distribution as compared to others in market, improvement in strategies have has made businesses to contribute 21.6% globally.

Ariful Islam

What is the story behind the success of Meezan bank in Pakistan? What is the vision and mission of Meezan bank? What strategies did the bank follow for its expansion? What are the main pillars behind the branding of the bank?
Ariful Islam who is the Deputy CEO of the premier Islamic bank Meezan shares the success story of Meezan in his speech. He talks about the vision and mission of the bank and how the bank expanded from four branches in the country to be now the premier Islamic bank in Pakistan. He shares the principles of working in the banking industry and how Meezan bank is following all the compliances of the Islamic banking and finance.

Linden Brown and Sean Brown

How to build a strong culture of customer centric service? Why should companies be concerned about building employee and leader relationships in business during pandemic? What is the role of understanding customer retention and satisfaction to maximize business performance? Why is the involvement of leaders in business required in order to build customer centric culture? How does collaboration between departments bring resolution to customer problems?
Dr Linden Brown accentuates that to maximize the profitability of any business, it is of absolute importance that the company has a customer centric approach. COVID has caused many companies to lose employees but for customer retention there needs to be a direct communication line between employees and their leaders. He suggests that all the companies that keep delivering great customer service are all focused on customer culture. Dr Brown highlights that empowering employees to assist the customers requires engagement and collaboration of all departments, such as marketing, sales and finance, to create an enabling environment. He further emphasizes that companies that have an internal centric approach i.e. only concerned about profitability and cost saving, have trouble retaining their customers due to unsatisfied service.

Mr. Yoshiharu Hoshino

How can the resort industry recover in the time of COVID? What are the reasons behind the success of the hotel industry in Japan? What are the marketing strategies behind the success? How is branding impacting the growth in the tourism sector in Japan?
Yoshiharu in his speech talks about the marketing strategies that are required to restore the industry in Japan that has been badly affected due to the pandemic. He shares the success story of his resorts that have been operational since the last 107 years in Japan. He explains the marketing strategies that are being adopted to increase tourism which will directly benefit the hotel industry. He talks about the importance of branding for the success of business and what new marketing strategies should be incorporated in the plan for the revival of the business.

Nina D. Aguas

What is the importance of devices in fulfillment of responsibilities? How has the advancement of technology has affected face-to-face interaction at offices? Why is the well-being of employees necessary to empower an organization? How availability of technology helped the operations going from home during pandemic?
Nina Aguas highlights that, on one hand, introduction and advancement of technology has helped in taking up the professional responsibilities more actively. But on the other hand, Aguas insists, technology has created hindrances in face-to-face communication. During the pandemic, technology proved to be very convenient in keeping the engagement, performance and operation of the workplace going. Aguas emphasizes that employees and their well-being comes first because they ensure the smooth delivery of tasks to the customers and stakeholders. She further states that a conducive environment for the employees is a must because if companies adopt harsh stance on returning to work during a pandemic may cause them loss of workforce. Flexible work environment for male and especially female employees contributes to having a healthy and rewarding workplace.

Mariela Pérez Chavarría

How has the pandemic affected the policies for the companies and altered the environment? What does it mean that a new business model is based on intangibility? What is the key to differentiate one company from another? Is the reputation of a company synonymous to the image of the company?
Mariela Perez’s discussion was focused on the reputation of a company and why it is important. She discussed how the present economy and the future of companies is shaped by reputation. The new business model she suggests is built on reputation, which is different from the image of a company. The element of reputation is as such that it can neither be sold nor be bought and it is specific for every company.