Francesco Venturini

• What are the main drivers for e-mobility? • What are the benefits of electric vehicles? • Are normal cars more efficient than e-cars (power, speed, sustainability)? • Can e-cars perform like normal cars?

As the world is changing fast, customers’ needs are also changing fast. Francesco Venturini, CEO of ENEL X, the leader in the electricity industry and services, shows the importance of e-mobility and how it simplifies the life of all people.

Luiz Moutinho

What is The Domino effect of Covid-19?  How AI might be the most effective force to detect COVID-19? Is the New Post-Covid CX Powered by AI a Thing?

The domino effect of COVID 19 is right now the massive effect, wiping out an entire economic sector. Professor Luiz A. M. Moutinho will drive us in a new society where we have an evolution from an individualistic culture to a community, a social economy driven by technological innovation.

Nancy Nemes

• What difference will AI make in the world? • What does AI do for humanity? • Will AI be able to replace all humans? • What is the real purpose of accelerating the integration of AI?

Nancy Nemes shows AI applications in every industry and how much it accelerates due to COVID-19. The talk analyses the benefits of AI for humans and how it can cooperate in our growth and future development.

Sergio Pininfarina & Ludovico Campana

• How does innovation inspire the change in critical times? • How did TUC change the world of vehicles? • What is the TUC ecosystem?

Sergio Pininfarina and Ludovico Campana, in this video, explain an introduction of TUC technology as an innovative service in automotive. They also show how this technology represents a human-centered design and a customer-centric product.

Iwan Setiawan

• What are the appropriate marketing tools to face the new digital landscape? • How companies can evolve from traditional marketing to digital marketing? • what is customer service marketing? • What is the marketing 5.0?

Prof. Iwan Setiawan introduces to us the evolution in marketing using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to achieve the new marketing goals.

Roberto Tundo

How is technology a fundamental enabler for any kind of business today? How to create a contact with customers in a detailed and personal way?  How could technology be part of an overall set of corporate values that we should apply? How is it possible to increase customer retention through technologies?

Roberto Tundo analyses the technology enablers and the role it plays in different industries and in the relation between the company and the customer.

Irfan Wahab Khan

• How latest technologies and super intelligence impact on consumer behavior and customer journey? • How can digital organizations promote new technologies to be responsible for the needs of consumers and society? • How we will connect with the consumers of the future?

With his speech, Prof. Irfan Wahab Khan will explain why TECHNOLOGY is something which we need all to embrace in these days of super intelligence.

Denis Rothman

When do we need Artificial Intelligence? When does Artificial Intelligence become intelligible and possibly biased?  How to make Al trustworthy with Explainable AI? Machine Learning Algorithm, Deep Learning Algorithm. What are these things? Will the artificial intelligence be going to replace us?

Professor Denis Rothman will analyse the most innovative algorithms, describes it and runs related examples.

Russell Belk

What is the role of Spoken language in Conversational AI? How a perfect robot should talk and act?  Why voice is so important?  Why conversation can make a difference?

Russell Belk will explain the meanings of The digital assistants, Anthropomorphism in AI, Therapy chatbots, Chatbots Friends & Romantic Partners, Retail Chatbots and their problems, Sex Robots.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

What is Artificial Intelligence? • How Artificial Intelligence will help my business? How Artificial Intelligence improve marketing to automate tasks, analysis, and communications?

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh defines the meaning of Artificial Intelligence and its importance in the future of marketing. Artificial Intelligence will touch and influence every discipline we currently have and it is the future of everything.