Dr. Khalid Hasan

Why recruiters, advertisers and marketers are portraying aging as a concern? How employing people, irrespective of their age, can deal with staff shortages? Why population above 65 is facing financial and psychological constraints? What can be the role of human resource companies to accommodate older employees?
Hassan states that medical science has become advanced which has resulted in increased human life expectancy. The concern is that expectancy has increased but the retirement age has not which put many senior citizens under financial pressures. He accentuates that many business models are promoting biased and discriminatory mindset against the process of ageing in order to turn their business a success. He highlights that the process of ageing is being portrayed in brand marketing as objectionable to promote anti-ageing products, especially by brain washing female consumers. Giving occupation to experienced people, regardless of age group, can bring more productivity, professionalism and intergenerational teamwork at workplaces. He further advocates that human resource agencies can help in countering the discrimination against senior individuals also uplifting their livelihood by giving finance based opportunities.