Raul Amigo

How values can be created through experience? How can companies become part of the consumer’s real life through technology? Why can the experiential gains of consumers start an ideal journey? How can the creation of value transform the interaction between brand and consumer?
Amigo elaborates that creating value between brand and the consumer can transform the experience. Proper value and interaction increases the association of the audience with the brand. He suggests that creating value also provides companies with the information how their consumers are perceiving the brand, their feelings and expectations. He states that it’s not about companies using the technology to improve interaction and cooperation, it’s about how they use the technology available to become a part of consumer’s life by sharing and making memories. So creating a value system is important if a brand would want to be a part of future memories as well. He emphasizes that customers are looking for immediate gratification so any friction in a relationship can cause memories to turn sore.