Richard Straub

Why does management have a key role in our society? How COVID has proved that our systems are fragile? Why are companies being looked at as entities and mechanics? How has technology played a significant accelerator?
Straub highlights that management holds a high place in making a society function the way it does. World has become an ever changing place, having a change or transformation is not an issue, it’s the continuity of that change. COVID has turned the circumstances around and proved that our health, education, economy and social systems are very delicate. Technology has brought a revolution but it has made companies lose their status as organic entities, rather businesses are looked at as machines. He further elaborates that management during COVID has rooted the research which can be used till long term in future as well. Formula or a vision for a society to perform should be humane. Pandemic can be used as an example and a guiding light for societies to perform in technologically advanced paradigms.