Milton Kotler

What is a brand and why marketers create its reputation? How is culture related to the reputation of a brand? How does a country’s reputation and global standing influence the brand name? How are Chinese companies rebuilding consumer’s trust in their products?
Kotler highlights that the status of a country adds significance to its products. Countries such as China and the U.S. have brand reputation globally. He suggests that the cultural values of a country reflect in strategy and logos of a brand to capture the hearts and minds of a consumer i.e. Swiss are considered the best watchmakers, Mercedes and BMW have their worldwide capability in automobiles. China is recently acquiring a place as the most sophisticated manufacturer of products. He highlights that companies in China are now working hard to gain trust of consumers in their manufactured products by building communication and addressing the issues regarding supply chain. In today’s world, brands are not only confined to products and setups, they represent a country’s profile and reputation both regionally and globally.