Mauro Porcini

What enables the organization and development of innovative products? Why do individuals find it hard to embrace the culture of change and innovation in companies? How bringing top to down change without taking the individuals of the company in confidence can turn an organization into a failure? How does the scrutiny of organizations from the media help them look through their weak areas?
Mauro Porcini highlights that to innovate a new product change must occur in the typical behavior of organizations. But, bringing change and innovation in big organizations and companies is far more difficult than the small business setups. He suggests that when you innovate something new, a very low percentage of individuals embrace it at first. In order to bring change and reset the culture, one is destined to face difficulties which is why learning from failures and success makes your vision clear on certain grounds. Mauro emphasizes the importance of taking every individual of the company along when choosing a top to bottom approach. This method will decrease the redundancy and build efficacy to push conventional boundaries infused with strength and design driven approach. Mauro Porcini advocates that the right process will ensure integration and consolidation.