Martha Rogers

Why is building the value of a company and building the value of the customer base important? How has the availability of machines and machine learning has built customer value? How technology has helped in building proactive trustworthiness? Why is employee engagement highly important for customer satisfaction?
Rodgers emphasizes that it is of absolute importance to build customer value. Technology is advancing and improving at a very fast pace which is why it is essential to predict and understand what machine and machine learning can do in future. She suggests that if businesses have a customer centric approach, they will be able to maintain customer equity and set themselves a long lasting financial goal. She further emphasizes that technology, data science and artificial intelligence has taught many important lessons and utilizations to humankind. Technology has helped employees to hold direct communication with the consumers which brings in the factor of building trust and satisfaction. Trust building increases the customer experience and dissemination of information. She advocates that it empowers the customers and makes them company’s valuable asset to the company.