Marc Oliver Opresnik

How innovation management can ensure one’s success during and post pandemic? Why is the profound understanding of marketing and customer behavior necessary? How instilling strong vision in teams better the communication with stakeholders? Why is value oriented relationship required within companies to increase collaboration?
Marc emphasizes the strategic enablers for innovation nourish the organizations to establish long lasting competitiveness. But in order to utilize those enablers and understand customer behavior, clarity of vision is important. He suggests that traditional and value oriented focus of companies creates influence on media, stakeholders, suppliers, communicators, collaborators and customers. He suggests that if teams have not tried ways and ideas before, it should not become a hindrance; rather , teams can evaluate their uniqueness and values on the basis of new concepts. He advocates that delivery of superior quality services and goods i.e. producing, supplying and manufacturing, through innovative leadership builds perceptions of stakeholders. Repetitive behavior within organizations damages strategy building and fails to create new successful business models.