Nina D. Aguas

What is the importance of devices in fulfillment of responsibilities? How has the advancement of technology has affected face-to-face interaction at offices? Why is the well-being of employees necessary to empower an organization? How availability of technology helped the operations going from home during pandemic?
Nina Aguas highlights that, on one hand, introduction and advancement of technology has helped in taking up the professional responsibilities more actively. But on the other hand, Aguas insists, technology has created hindrances in face-to-face communication. During the pandemic, technology proved to be very convenient in keeping the engagement, performance and operation of the workplace going. Aguas emphasizes that employees and their well-being comes first because they ensure the smooth delivery of tasks to the customers and stakeholders. She further states that a conducive environment for the employees is a must because if companies adopt harsh stance on returning to work during a pandemic may cause them loss of workforce. Flexible work environment for male and especially female employees contributes to having a healthy and rewarding workplace.