Dr. Ira Kaufman

What caused business to be only associated with profit generation mechanisms? How businesses can be used to bring social change? Why is trust building and transparency necessary to be included in business practices? How business effectiveness and brand loyalty can be achieved through consumer communication building?
Kaufman presents a view that business is only perceived from the lens of profitability, whereas it has the power and access to bring social change. Business and marketing facilitates in creating and promoting shared values among employees and consumers to endorse sustainability. He suggest that businesses and brands can help in developing an inclusive and sustainable society to counter injustice, racial discrimination and women relegation in all segments of life. He emphasizes that business approach should be human centric and not profit oriented. For the business community to create an impactful campaign, shared values must be incorporated in corporate culture. He further advocates that trust and transparency facilitates communication, accountability, evaluation, integration and collaboration, which ultimately make customers to be more loyal toward the brand.