Mauro Bombacigno

How risks and opportunities can be turned into events proactively? Why have values become more important in the pandemic world? How can managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders keep up with speedy change? Why traditional strategies cannot counter future challenges?
Bombacigno highlights that pandemics have presented the world with many accelerating themes for sustainable society. Pandemic has presented humankind with various tasks and opportunities, turning them into events concerning environment, sustainability, global warming and biodiversity etc. he emphasizes that pandemic has restarted the world which is why we need to be very careful while using resources that are not rebuildable. Financial institutions not only have the responsibility to make clientele based upon trust and transparency, but also make the world a better place. He further insists that traditional strategies and ways of dealing will not help in countering future challenges. New times require new strategies and mindsets. For better social inclusion, we need to find better solutions.