Kamran Z. Rizvi

What is the new normal in leadership styles? How can a leader become impactful and adaptive in ever changing circumstances? What is the difference between a leader brand and a leadership brand? Why is courage of a leader and leadership at minimal, moderate or brave level important to discuss?
Rizvi emphasizes that reality is ever changing which is why the leadership is also required to be acclimatized actively. He suggests that a leader should be a brand, established and known for his/her development, agility and present mindedness. In order to acquire good leadership skills, one needs to become an improved listener in order to build influential relationships with individuals. He highlights that leaders can only empower individuals when they are empowered and inspired themselves. When leadership is empowered, it delivers what is expected by the possible stakeholders, thus strengthening the brand name of the leader for individuals to follow. He further elaborates that trustworthiness and reliability of a leader is responsible for encouraging the shared vision of corporate and organizational culture.