Dr. Saad Andaleeb

How capitalism and globalization has impacted the business globally? What changes and betterment the capitalism promised initially and what it delivered today? What was the impact of the World Trade organization in the business sector? How did injustice prevail today because of the negligence of the rich? What are the customers looking for in the products and companies they opt for? How globalization and digitalization is evolving the modern-day consumer? What is the connection of injustice with the marketing sector? How is it justified? What is the notion behind the fair tree idea of retributive justice? How brand activism or social activism can be the answer or solution to injustice?
Saad Andaleeb in his speech talks about the injustice of the marketing sector and how the injustice is prevailing in the world without any outcome. He further explains that having a purpose which serves the environment, its common people is very important. Only in that way could the injustice be eliminated.