Royke Tumilaar

How bank strategies can help in empowering SMEs to go global? How much growth of small businesses has taken place in the last five years? Where SMEs are lacking since the COVID has grappled the world? How strategic positioning can strengthen international banking capabilities?
Tumilaar suggest that banking system can play a vital role in in empowering and strengthening the performance and presence of SME in global arena. He highlights that global banking systems have the vision to make 200,000 networks located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. He states that businesses have been growing despite the pandemic and profit has increased globally by employing more strategic and efficient initiative. Tulimaar advocates that small businesses have seen a record growth of 13% in past five year tenure. He elaborates that although SMEs are lacking product distribution as compared to others in market, improvement in strategies have has made businesses to contribute 21.6% globally.