Marshall Goldsmith

We’re not here on earth to mark our presence or prove how right we are. We are here on earth to make a positive difference. Build your credibility twice; one for yourself as a trustworthy influencer on decision-makers and the second for what you sell. Is that creating the required impact? Both must create a notable difference.

Dr. Chris L. Brown

How did leaders become customer-centric, what are the characteristics of customer-centric leaders, and then what do customer-centric leaders do? How do they transport that capability that they have into their organizations? The talk

Jonathan Hall

To get sustainability right in advertising, it’s that notion of authenticity to your brand and its relationship with sustainability, understanding those segments, the psychological levers being constructive, getting that emotion right, making people feel empowered, that they can make a difference.

Prof. Angela Y Lee

Consumers get bored with what is in the market, which pushes for the introduction of a variety of products, but does that fast influx of products bring consumers out of boredom? No, and same time it’s a waste of resources as well. Providing meaning as a strategy to combat boredom is a brilliantly sustainable practice. The consequences of climate change touch every corner of our society and supporting efforts to counter climate change is one way to provide meaning to consumption

Prof. David Reibstein

Brand and social identity matter, and there’s a social influence on all of this; there’s no question about it. Sustainability is a movement afoot, and it’s important that you have that association with consumers that you’re a leader in this particular movement. Customers care, buyers care, employees care, investors care, and most importantly, it’s the right thing to do

Kelly Goldsmith

Consumers experience scarcity daily; lean into it and figure out how that affects their psychology and serves them during times of scarcity. When the world is uncertain, we’re dealing with chaos, scarcity, and environmental threats, and it’s very important to emphasize to everybody that working together is the right approach.

Prof. Jagdish Sheth

There is no good theory of why cultures vary concerning cultural traits. North-south climate zones ranging from the arctic to tropical explain why consumers differ in food, shelter, and clothing habits. Genetic adaptations to climate zones are key to understanding strong biological differences in food, beverage, and clothing consumption.

Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez

How do marketers can affect sustainability more profoundly? How can we go beyond waste and packaging and improve people’s health and well-being? We propose three pillars for that. The first is a natural science, the second is education, and the third is responsibility.

Dr. V Kumar

Martha Rogers

What are the most important lessons marketers must learn from quantum physics? In today’s world, trust is paradoxically more important than ever; it’s what customers value. Ask yourself if the world is better because your company is in it. If people can find comfort and trust under your wing, how much will that be worth to them and you?