Linden Brown

Extensive research and market orientation prove that eight drivers of sustainable business performance exist. These eight drivers create a customer-focused culture in an organization that embeds capabilities to prepare the business’s future. It ensures you’ll deliver your brand promise now and over time and be sustainable as a business.

Linden Brown and Sean Brown

How to build a strong culture of customer centric service? Why should companies be concerned about building employee and leader relationships in business during pandemic? What is the role of understanding customer retention and satisfaction to maximize business performance? Why is the involvement of leaders in business required in order to build customer centric culture? How does collaboration between departments bring resolution to customer problems?
Dr Linden Brown accentuates that to maximize the profitability of any business, it is of absolute importance that the company has a customer centric approach. COVID has caused many companies to lose employees but for customer retention there needs to be a direct communication line between employees and their leaders. He suggests that all the companies that keep delivering great customer service are all focused on customer culture. Dr Brown highlights that empowering employees to assist the customers requires engagement and collaboration of all departments, such as marketing, sales and finance, to create an enabling environment. He further emphasizes that companies that have an internal centric approach i.e. only concerned about profitability and cost saving, have trouble retaining their customers due to unsatisfied service.

Bodo Schlegelmilch

• Why Business School Needs Radical Innovations and development trajectories? • Is traditional education in business as we used to know able to survive to great changes the world? • The epicenter of Business Education will definitely move to other areas of the world? • What will be the future of Top Brands in Business Education?

In the next speech, prof. Bodo Schlegelmich from Vienna will drive us into the future of Business Education.

Linden Brown

• Why Is Customer Experience Important now? • What Is a Customer-Centric Culture? • How can the CMO make Customer Culture Tangible, Measurable, and Actionable? • How can the CMO make Marketing’s Role Strategic and Holistic?

Starting from the famous quote of Peter F. Drucker “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are ‘costs’”, the speech of Professor Linden Brown will comment The Role of Marketing in our times.