Oscar Motomura

What is to be done with all the technology available to us? How has the concept of marketing been reinvented in a world of crises? How pandemic underlined the significance of global solidarity and global cooperation? Why promotion of cultural values is important in creating a cohesive marketing wall?
Motomura highlights that crisis after crisis has reinvented and transformed the marketing strategies globally. Reinvention after reinvention has tarnished the value system but also has promoted integration, solidarity, sense of giving, aims and purpose. He proposes that everybody is facing a dilemma of cooperation and competition. Cultural Revolution has transformed the face of marketing, it has become cohesive and integrating which, if utilized properly, can help in overcoming the challenges related to sustainable marketing strategies. The reinvention of marketing should be responsible for creating a high functioning promotion of humanity in entrepreneurship. Attitude of mutual help and care will lead the society towards well-being.

Luiza Helena Trajano

How has digital connection allowed micro businesses and companies to communicate widely? Why is digital availability of products as important as availability at physical stores? How life with pandemic becoming a new normal has given birth to new paradigms? Why have women stood up during a pandemic to serve the interests of their countries?
Trajano highlights that the pandemic paralyzed the world completely for a brief period. Small and micro business setups offer fair size employment which is why quick measures became a necessity. She states that the pandemic introduced us to the digital connection like never before. It helped becoming micro setups to transform into sophisticated businesses. This also created a sense of responsibility among people to take care of their countries and eventually the world. She highlights that women started standing up to contribute and become a working force because of digital connection. They were able to work and perform their domestic duties together. It provides households with financial support and a sense of equality.

Prof. Fernando Serra

• What is the impact of COVID-19 on consumers? • How COVID-19 Impacted on Higher Education student’s enrollment? • What are the new challenges for Higher Education Institutions on Students retention?

Starting from the experience of Brazil, the speech of professor Fernando Serra analyses the situation of the Higher Education Institutions after the pandemic.

Oscar Motomura

• Does Business need a Radical Innovation? • How to create inclusive economies even for the poorest segment of the population? • Radical Capitalism or Conscious Capitalism?

Oscar Motomura analyses the Concept of Market in order to respond all the needs of society, where technology involves consumers with direct effects also on their own being citizens.