Dr. Di Deng

What are appealing Chinese websites? Why did the Chinese government not stop the infrastructure stimulating the economy? Why couldn’t the government adapt to a new normal? Why is the infrastructure of the real estate market in China almost saturated? What are the fundamental factors that have continued in the past 1.5 years?
Dr. Di Deng is talking about the concept of new normal in business and marketing, and how the new trend in getting famous in the Chinese market place. He also talked about the economy and development of industries during the pandemic and how the new entrepreneurs can develop a successful industry by telling different stories of some famous industries.

Jan Yang

How are typical Chinese consumers? Why are these consumers price conscious? Why do foreign brands easily find themselves in a premium position in china? Why leading to paradigm shifts in a commercial landscape? Why is it necessary for consumer brands to reach consumers in rural areas? Why do overpriced foreign brands find themselves struggling and faltering? What are the boundaries between information and sales channels?
Dr. Jan Yang has shared the information about Chinese consumers, how they work and what strategies they have. He also talked about the foreign consumers in China, like how they used to easily get their positions in the market but now have become less attractive. He also talked about the technology that has made marketing easy.

Zongbo Han

Creality was founded in Shenzhen, be the capital of technology in China. We focus on research, design and production with products like FDM/Resin 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments and so on. All in all, the way of marketing is to release human nature and win the hearts and minds of people. Business methods and strategies are soft powers to read customers ‘mind and escort the company in such a competitive environment.

Yiling Wu

Why is China suffering from infectious diseases? How has crown pneumonia played an important role in controlling epidemic pneumonia? Which three prescriptive drugs are being used as prevention and control in china? How have medical industries played their role in maintaining control?
Yiling Wu has talked about different diseases spreading in China and what preventive measures were taken in controlling those particular diseases. He also talked about the important role of medical industries in providing the vaccines and capsules and how these medicines are now being used worldwide.

Kai Hong

How have marketing strategies changed in the last 30 years? How has marketing transformed in the last ten years? How to build an infrastructural structure to support the new marketing ways?
How innovation has changed marketing in china? How China is using digital apps as a digital marketing tool?
Kai Hong in his presentation at the World Marketing trends talks about the latest marketing tools and how they can be used for effective marketing. He explains how in China marketers are using apps like tiktok and wechat and are using them to get a better understanding of the consumers. He talks about the different effective ways of approaching consumers.

Cai Kehui

After COVID-19 how has rural travelling changed? How to survive this conflict and create new value at the center of a reconstructed new world? How should the partners handle the shock and help empower rural development in the times of pandemic? What are the effects of a pandemic on the travel industry?
Cai emphasizes on the changes that his company and globally have experienced due to the spread of Coronavirus globally. He shares his experience that companies have faced many losses and it was expected as the economy globally has been facing a sharp decline. Furthermore, he argued that people need to accept change and move towards transformation.

Roy Zhou

How to empower businesses through intelligent marketing? How COVID has challenged the growth of enterprises? Why do good marketing campaigns have good results?
Joel highlights that digital transformation of brands empower them and improve their marketing globally which eventually leads to the growth of enterprises. Technology, data science and artificial intelligence help in designing the intelligent marketing to focus on brand and business building. But, Joel emphasizes, that approach and models needs to be more customer centric that business or profit centric. Data science can build new foundations for data gathering and understanding mindsets. He suggest that intelligent marketing help brands to become more integrated to give consumers pleasant experience. If the marketing campaign is designed thoroughly it will bring out the best results.

Prof. Kam-Hon Lee

• What is the relation between Marketing and Religion? • How Religion leads us to do reflections and overcome struggle in the post-Covid era? • What is the spiritual and supernatural level of conscience? • How experiences from different faith make us learn from each other?