Ibrahim Hegazy

What is going to be the future of the market in the Post pandemic? How COVID has changed marketing techniques in Egypt? How has digitalization improved marketing? What is the power of social media influencers in the new marketing world? Why is it important to talk about customer experience and to address the issues in the buying of products and services?
Ibrahim Hegazy who is a marketing professor and a former member of Egypt’s parliament talks about the prospects and challenges of marketing in the post pandemic in Egypt. He explains the new marketing trends that have emerged and the ways to improve customer experience and satisfaction. The importance of having good marketing graduates so they can come up with improved strategies to handle the marketing needs of today’s world.

Ahmad Tolba

What are the important strategies for a startup business? How can we improve the rate of entrepreneurial success? Why the failing ratio of startups are very low? How can we improve the rate of success among the investors? What is the correlation between entrepreneurial traits and startup success?
Ahmed Tolba in his talk shares his vast expensive of entrepreneurship and business development and discusses in detail the factors behind the failure of startup business. He draws a correlation between entrepreneurial traits and the startup success and talks about the role of marketing strategies in the success of the business. He explains the traits that should be there in an entrepreneur and what factors should be considered while selecting the entrepreneurial team.

Ahmad Tolba

• How branding can be affected by Charity actions? • How donators can benefit from philanthropy? • How charity can sustain the social security and the economy in countries effected by Social Disparity? • Where money goes to? How to control “The effectiveness of Philanthropy & Donations”?

In the next speech, Prof. Ahmed Tolba will drive us through the experience of charity and Philanthropy by top Brand in Egypt.

Ibrahim A. Hegazy

• Which are the factors that have an impact on a Nation Brand? • What is the difference between Nation Branding and destination Branding? • Which are the changes to marketing strategies? • What countries should do during Covid-19 to create the perception of the nations? • Which are marketing recommendations?

Enan Galaly

• What is the importance of Marketing? • How to manage your ideas? • What is the effect of the pandemic on our future and our life?

Enan Galaly tells his own experience in marketing, giving ideas and tools how to develop to be self-confident, thinking, relations, in order to have a better future.

Osman Badran

• Why do products or services become more expensive if they have a brand? • Does an e-commerce online brand last longer than a brand that sells in stores? • Does consumer behavior change in normal times like in turbulent times? • How does the customer experience determine branding strategies?

Osman Badran highlights the needs of change branding during Pandemic and the importance of brand strategies for companies to ensure business continuity, despite the slowdown in markets.