Nuno Alexandre Teixeira

Luiz Moutinho

Learn how important future-oriented sustainable technology is. We should attain and achieve to protect our environment and have more global sustainability. This will change everything. A great transition is possible? Yes, it is possible. It’s up to each of us to choose and act.

Dr. Jose Paulo Santos

What is the role of neuroscience combined with artificial intelligence in understanding consumer behavior in marketing? How FmRI and E.G electroencephalogram can be used to stimulate the subject’s brain? How the combining method of neuroscience and AI can help counter consumption issues?
Santos highlights that neuroscience and artificial intelligence methods can assist in understanding the consumer’s mindset in the marketing domain. This approach provides access to the process of decision making other than the observable behavior of customers. He suggests that the method of FmRI and E.G electroencephalogram presents the visual stimulation of how consumer’s brains react to the pictorial images of brand logos. Emotions of consumers play a key role in marketing, so the images help in getting to know the preferences and demands associated with brands. He states that the benefit of understanding consumer’s mindset also includes having an access to consumer’s consumption problems in marketing analysis. So, marketing strategies infused with neuroscience and AI can regulate risky practices and generate solutions.

Karla Oliveira Menezes

What is marketing and how is it important? How can we restructure and redefine through marketing? How can you apply neuroscience into marketing strategy?
Karla in her speech discusses what marketing is, and she gives her insight on marketing, which she considers as a kind of science. She furthers her discussion involving neuroscience and its application in the industry of marketing. Karla highlights how human emotions are at play when making such decisions, and they cannot be overlooked.