Amira khttack

How does a university integrate the sustainable development goals of the United Nations program into the marketing program of the university? It’s at the educational level, institutional level, department level, and program level that SDG goals could be integrated very effectively.

Dr. Khalid Al Rajhi

Dr. Demah Alfakhri

Mohammed Hathut

How is marketing an amazing tool to reach out to almost every segment? What is meant by scarcity marketing? Do you really need to define your targets for running a successful marketing campaign?
Dr. Hatut shares three different stories in his speech to help the audience understand the vitality of marketing, and how they need to be specific and target their audience accordingly to run a successful marketing campaign. He further lays down important strategies of understanding the customers, such as why are they buying a certain product and why they are not buying other products. By giving examples of famous companies, emphasizes that marketing is all about influencing the customers.

Ahmad Almusained

What is marketing communication? How can marketing communication help to reach, influence and spread awareness among people? Why is today interaction between the government and private sector important? How certain campaigns can help gain people’s attention for preserving the environment? Is marketing one of the reasons for overcoming the Corona crisis?
Ahmad Almusained talks about the importance of initiatives to mitigate the efforts of coronavirus, and suggests that the main tool to do this was marketing communication. He has highlighted how the use of marketing communication has helped the government, along with private sector organizations to spread awareness among the public about the environment. Although the pandemic is still ongoing, marketing communication has helped in controlling it. Talking about initiatives to move towards Green Saudi Arabia, he focused on how Marketing campaigns have helped the government to reach out to maximum number of people and influence them.

Khalid Suliman Al Rajhi

What is the importance of branding? What are the Brand building steps and their applications in Saudi Market?

Mohammad Hathut

Why now all the countries are focusing on Nation Branding? What is the effect of Nation Branding on the economy?  How do the countries survive the COVID-19 with the branding?

Dr. Abdulhai Mohammed Megdad

• How to market my product? • How to describe an experience marketing. • What is the experience and how we can describe it in a proper way? • How to satisfy the customer? • How companies can valorize information and informatics to build a customer experience?

Obaid Saad Al-Abdali

• What does a consumer protection association mean? What does it consist of? • Who is the consumer to be protected? • How many fake discounts and sales are advertised everywhere, under-estimating the minds of consumers?