H.E. Dr. Suvit Maesincee

Learn how Thailand has focused on youth empowerment through a platform. Thailand has created a user empowerment ecosystem in which young people get to corroborate with peers and leaders, policymakers, and practitioners from all sectors to put BCG to work to achieve the SDGs.

Rawit Hanutsaha

How skills are needed to redefine the work? What is the basis of the artificial intelligence which governs our daily life? Why is it important to learn the skills which have gone obsolete? Why is adaptation to new and modern skills important? Why upgrading a set of skills considered essential in this short life? Why is critical thinking important in today’s modern world despite knowing a set of skills? Why is re-thinking an important concept? Why is education and knowledge essential in today’s modern world?
Rawit Hanutsaha discusses how important it is to adapt to new skills but also have knowledge and education related to the old set of skills which have gone obsolete in this modern world. He further discusses the importance of critical thinking.

Thannithi Apichaichotrat

How do we marketing business using conversational commerce? What is the idea behind conversational commerce? How we are using social media for our marketing? What is the role of digital marketing in the success of our business? How is the consumer behavior in Thailand?
Thannithi the Co-Founder of Small World for Kids talks shares his experience of running the business. He started his journey nine years ago and now he explains how he used digital marketing as a tool for the growth of his business and why it is important to study consumer buying behavior. He shares his idea of conversational commerce and provides tips for the marketers to successfully implement it as marketing strategy for their business.

Dr. Dan Visitchaichan

What are basically four types of mounting skill sets that we need for marketing professionals to drive innovation in today’s so-called normal business environment? How to build a generation of community leaders and social entrepreneurs? Why is it important to focus on alternative means of educating the students in the contemporary world?
Dr. Dan Visitchaichan focused on alternative forms of education for training people to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders. In his discussion he focused more on building organizational skills that will help people make rational decisions. He emphasized that education should not be merely about literacy rate or confined to numeric skills, it should be more about organizational skills. He highlighted habits that need to be developed by the marketing individuals to drive innovation.

Poramate Minsiri

How technology particularly mobile phones have contributed in the growth of marketing in the last ten years? How COVID has affected consumer buying behavior? How technology is making things easier for the businesses and consumers in the new normal?
Poramate Minsiri in his talk about the increasing role of technology in the business and how it is positively impacting the way marketing is carried out by companies. He talks about the new normal and how technology is helping to connect businesses and consumers in the post COVID world. He explains his idea of how to effectively use technology for the mutual benefits of companies and consumers.

Dr. Pacapol Anurit

Is the world going to be the same, like it was before COVID-19 time? How can democracy be a factor in defining the political ecosystem? Should the marketing plan be aligned with the span of government? Has COVID-19 changed the marketing system?
Dr. Pacapol Anurit focuses on various realities of the market and business, keeping in view the government policies and the existence of democracy. He suggests to the audience that before planning a marketing strategy they must look at the stats of conservative consumers, liberal consumers and also focus on their mindset and how expose these consumers are to globalization. On the positive note, he shared his thoughts that the pandemic has moved a lot of people towards using technology.