Luiz Moutinho

What is The Domino effect of Covid-19?  How AI might be the most effective force to detect COVID-19? Is the New Post-Covid CX Powered by AI a Thing?

The domino effect of COVID 19 is right now the massive effect, wiping out an entire economic sector. Professor Luiz A. M. Moutinho will drive us in a new society where we have an evolution from an individualistic culture to a community, a social economy driven by technological innovation.

Haseeb Shabir

• What is Diversity Marketing? • Which are the new challenges of marketing in the face of diversity? • Why including minorities in advertisements? • How diversity marketing can impact in the community? • How to become a Diversity Marketer?

After the boom of immigration in Europe, Professor Haseeb Shabir will tell us in his speech what is Diversity Marketing and its impact on the community; he analyses through scientific researches the complications of this sector in advertising regarding the minorities.

Prof. Jonathan Deacon

• What is the component of creative leadership? • What businesses have done in the past 6 months and what they are doing now?

The speech of Prof. Jonathan Deacon analyses the new rules of business post Covid-19: Business as Unusual, Creativity, Creative Leadership, Passion and Purpose, Change, People, Tribes and Personas, Empathy, Hyper-individualization.

Prof. Jeff French

What is The Role of Marketing in Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination? Why some people are against vaccine?  What politicians are ready to do to promote vaccination? • Promotion of vaccine will give back to politics value from citizens?

Professor Jeff French will show the role of marketing in promoting COVID-19 vaccination and the strategies adequate to convince people of it.

Sandra Vandermerwe

• Has Covid-19 created new consumer needs? • What will be the profile of New Normal Customer after pandemic? • How to adapt to innovations that would become a new normal?

Sandra Vandermerwe analyses the effect of the customers’ needs after the pandemic hit the world in 2020. She explains the nature of the new needs and trends people are adopting post Covid-19.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

• What is the future of social media? • What is the role of the social media applications for evolving the concept of marketing? • How do Social Media change in Marketing? • How do Social Media change in Communication?

Teresa Heath-Wareing explains how Social media has changed market and marketing and how we communicate not only personally but also in business.