Nancy Lee

How does social marketing influence behavior of the customers? How social marketers aid the customers in solving their problems? Which elements are involved which cause change in the behaviors? How are the priority audiences targeted by the social marketers? How barriers are overcome by the social marketers? Why education is considered a necessity?
Nancy Lee in his speech describes and explains social responsibilities and how they are driven to influence the behaviors of the people. He further explains that social marketing is basically the behavior change for the greater good.

Moe Kyaw

Why is marketing all about providing for the needs based on people’s experiences? How people with a good education background are interested in catering the hopes of others? Why is it important to be surrounded with people who admire you and your hopes?
Kyaw emphasizes that having a purpose in life and hope is necessary for an individual to keep going. Moving from one place to another where people admire you and care for your peace opens up doors and builds perceptions. Kyaw suggests that people with good edification are givers and interested in your hopes and dreams. Marketing in places that have the perception of being less educated or civilized serves both value building and bonding. For those people to have hope to gain better education, better market for products and evaluation will craft better perception internally and globally.

Prof. Nardone Giorgio

How can technology change the relationship among humans? Will this pandemic change the nature of human relationships and will they really learn from this new challenge? How can humans use their experiences to shape the world into a better place?
Giorgio Nardone elaborates his thoughts on changing the current state of human society, where he suggests that if humans start learning from their experiences and put that learning into shaping a better society, it would help fight against the tragedies of the world. He believes that each and every human, especially those in power have a responsibility and can help in changing the world and making it a place where people can live together.

Sadia Kibria

Which are the trends of the companies during the COVID-19? How consumers behavior is changing over the time? Which is the purpose of companies?

The social entrepreneur pursues a mission and vision to change the society. Sadia Kibria speech will introduce us to the concept of Sociopreneurship starting from the fact that we are facing global pandemic and problems become global.

Gautam Mahajan

• Can leaders create value without a mindset? • How to create functional values? • How can purpose lead our way to create values? • How to define the core values and why is it important to do so?

With his speech, Guatam Mahajan aims at showing the importance of creating values as it helps to set a purpose, in addition to implementing it not only in our personal lives, but in our institutions, in our society.

Hermawan Kartajaya

• How Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership will make difference in the future? • The increase of the productivity at any cost, will it still drive the future of winning companies? • How Creative Ideas, Innovative Solutions, Entrepreneur Value will drive the new economy?

Learn how to win in the post-COVID era with professor Hermawan Kartajaya, in this speech you will see how human balance, relationships and solidarity will save economy.

Michael J. Gelb

Does every company have to become a “healing organization”? How does a leader have to build consensus with change? How to become more creative on demand?

The aim of this interview with Michael Gelb is to highlight the importance of healing organizations and their role in improving the performance of employees through a passionate attitude. This talk analyses as well the types of these kinds of organizations and the significant role of the leaders in such cases.

Oscar Motomura

• Does Business need a Radical Innovation? • How to create inclusive economies even for the poorest segment of the population? • Radical Capitalism or Conscious Capitalism?

Oscar Motomura analyses the Concept of Market in order to respond all the needs of society, where technology involves consumers with direct effects also on their own being citizens.

Ahmad Tolba

• How branding can be affected by Charity actions? • How donators can benefit from philanthropy? • How charity can sustain the social security and the economy in countries effected by Social Disparity? • Where money goes to? How to control “The effectiveness of Philanthropy & Donations”?

In the next speech, Prof. Ahmed Tolba will drive us through the experience of charity and Philanthropy by top Brand in Egypt.

Jagdish Sheth

• Why Do Good Companies Fail? • How do companies acquire bad habits? • What is the role of leadership in breaking bad habits?

The speech by Prof. Jagdish N. Sheth shows the seven bad habits that big companies have acquired and how to fight them.