Edwin R Bautista

What is blockchain? What are the major milestones of union bank? What do you do to create a sense of urgency? How is the world being disrupted? How might we be disrupted? How have banks been disrupted? What is digital transformation?
Edwin R. Bautista has been discussing the new technology and how tech is important but a person is more important. He talked about the fundamental key factors that can help to build brand trust so that can lead to customer loyalty because customer are now used to better service.

Dr. Jose Paulo Santos

What is the role of neuroscience combined with artificial intelligence in understanding consumer behavior in marketing? How FmRI and E.G electroencephalogram can be used to stimulate the subject’s brain? How the combining method of neuroscience and AI can help counter consumption issues?
Santos highlights that neuroscience and artificial intelligence methods can assist in understanding the consumer’s mindset in the marketing domain. This approach provides access to the process of decision making other than the observable behavior of customers. He suggests that the method of FmRI and E.G electroencephalogram presents the visual stimulation of how consumer’s brains react to the pictorial images of brand logos. Emotions of consumers play a key role in marketing, so the images help in getting to know the preferences and demands associated with brands. He states that the benefit of understanding consumer’s mindset also includes having an access to consumer’s consumption problems in marketing analysis. So, marketing strategies infused with neuroscience and AI can regulate risky practices and generate solutions.

Gabriele Carboni

What obstacles for the entrepreneurs and managers of today’s world face when moving on a path of innovation? What is the new digital strategy that can help entrepreneurs to climb the ladder of innovation? What is the importance of a visual planner? What should you know before creating content for your digital plan? Why has digital communication become so important for an organization to grow?
Gabriele Carboni shares his experience and insight that has led to a static growth among the entrepreneurs. He talks about digital marketing where everything is measurable and thus the importance of formulating strategies of success. He suggests investing more time in your business if you plan to climb to success and consider that time as a kind of corporate trip. Carboni urges organizations to think beyond making profits and looking at building relationships with clients.

Andres Ibanez

What are the four success factors which are considered extremely important for the three successful Chilean companies? How Crystal Lagoon has used the Technology and digital to emerge as a successful company? How the data algorithms are utilized by the companies for enhancing their sales? How does the combination of artificial intelligence and deep science help create an environment friendly product?
Andres Ibanez shed light on the success factors which could benefit small, medium and large businesses in the future. He gave an insight into how the technology along with the Artificial intelligence could boost up the growth as well as the success rates of the businesses.

Sesh Sukhdeo

How COVID has shaped the new norm in the modern world of digitalization? How has global change affected the modern man? How shifts have taken place in the pandemic era? How is the information perceived and intercepted in the pandemic era? How are mobile phone applications being modernized to adapt with the new shift globally? How the pandemic shift shaped the behaviors? How hyper local communication allows to engage with the customers? How mobile learning is helping us in our daily life? How can one’s emotional intelligence influence other people in times of pandemic?

Dr. Thomas Foscht

How is modern retailing like retailing over 200 years ago despite modern technology? How can retailers utilize artificial intelligence to improve and expand the shopping preferences of the customer? How can the retailers avoid and minimize the negative shopping experience of the customers? What will be the new retailing normal in the pandemic era?
Thomas Foscht in his speech talks about ways in which the shopping experiences of the customers can be made more enjoyable and less boring. He is of the view that artificial intelligence can bring about huge changes in the experiences of the customer.

Karla Oliveira Menezes

What is marketing and how is it important? How can we restructure and redefine through marketing? How can you apply neuroscience into marketing strategy?
Karla in her speech discusses what marketing is, and she gives her insight on marketing, which she considers as a kind of science. She furthers her discussion involving neuroscience and its application in the industry of marketing. Karla highlights how human emotions are at play when making such decisions, and they cannot be overlooked.

Prof. Luiz Moutinho

Why is it important to practice resilience in all the fields of life? How did the pandemic affect the generation of today? How has the crisis created a lot of opportunities for people who seek positivity from the worst even? How has technology aided in understanding the pandemic? How has artificial intelligence helped mankind during the dark times of pandemic? how technology is reshaping the landscape of modern medicine?
Luiz Moutinho talks about how technology has helped mankind during the dark days of pandemic and how it is continuing to do so. He talks about how there is a shift in the generation during the pandemic.

Denis Rothman

What is going to be the new normal? Will Artificial Intelligence really replace humans? Why do companies need so much data and is there something wrong with collecting piles of data? Are we currently living in an era of the fifth Industrial Revolution?
Dennis Rothman focuses on the use of AI as a tool of the future. He talks about how society has moved from the first industrial revolution to the fourth and now it is making way into the fifth Industrial revolution with an unprecedented amount of changes in the field of technology, especially since the inception of AI. He believes that AI is just a simple tool, which is helping to save time rather than replacing anyone.

Dr. Ira Kaufman

What caused business to be only associated with profit generation mechanisms? How businesses can be used to bring social change? Why is trust building and transparency necessary to be included in business practices? How business effectiveness and brand loyalty can be achieved through consumer communication building?
Kaufman presents a view that business is only perceived from the lens of profitability, whereas it has the power and access to bring social change. Business and marketing facilitates in creating and promoting shared values among employees and consumers to endorse sustainability. He suggest that businesses and brands can help in developing an inclusive and sustainable society to counter injustice, racial discrimination and women relegation in all segments of life. He emphasizes that business approach should be human centric and not profit oriented. For the business community to create an impactful campaign, shared values must be incorporated in corporate culture. He further advocates that trust and transparency facilitates communication, accountability, evaluation, integration and collaboration, which ultimately make customers to be more loyal toward the brand.