H.E. Ozgul Ozkan

How has the pandemic being the toughest time has brought resilience and solidarity? How has the pandemic impacted tourism, agriculture and biodiversity? What are the prerequisites of the recovery process? What are the new trends in the tourism industry?
Ozkan highlights that the pandemic has changed the world in many aspects. The tourism industry has received the biggest blow alongside many other businesses. Pandemic paralyzed people’s mobility which is why the safety building of hygiene, precautions and coordination can bring many solutions to the problem. She emphasizes that the revival of the tourism industry is interlinked with the containment of the virus to boost the confidence of visitors. Ozgul further suggests that other than ensuring safety and security, communication and infrastructure management also holds great importance. To cater to this requirement, amalgamation of culture, technology, diplomatic relations, cooperation and community engagement will serve as an anchor and ramp to boost the industry.

Michael Jacobdies

How competition is changing and what sort of competitions will emerge in the future? What are the changing dynamics of competition and innovation? How freeform competition will impact the future? How organizations should prepare for the future?
Michael G. Jacabdies in his presentation compares the marketing and business competitions of the past and strategies of the famous corporations at that time. He talks about the changing dynamics of competition and innovation and how the competition has evolved over the years. He explains about freeform competition and what should be the key elements of the preparation strategy of the organization for future competition.

Amor Maclang

What is marketing by technology? How do nation technologies redefine the marketplace? How do industries create their shapes? What are the two types of marketing companies? What are the trends that are disturbing the industry marketing? What has replaced industry marketing? What, besides echo chambers and self-serving echo chambers, has replaced industry marketing?
Amor Maclang shares her experiences with marketing. She talks about the new trends that can be taken in improving the basis of the industry. Amor talks about the new startups and what difficulties they would be facing. She also talks about the importance of technology in marketing and how technology is helping in solving the problems.

Philip Kotler

How businesses will look and behave in the post COVID-19 world? How will future marketing be different in the post- COVID-19-19 world? How will the behavior of companies change once the COVID-19 comes to an end? Why is it important to consider the social media marketing strategy?
Philip Kotler discusses the future of marketing and how after COVID-19-19 new realities of business will be shaped. One of the most important aspects of his discussion was the focus on the changing buying patterns of consumers and also the new. Talking about post-COVID scenarios he discusses the realities and world shaped by new normal and what it will mean for marketing. He emphasized not only on the changes in the marketing strategy but also the changing characteristics of the consumers.

H.E. Sheikh Hasina

What does the future of Bangladesh look like? How has Bangladesh responded to the impacts of COVID-19 on economy and livelihood? What lessons can other developing countries learn from the growth and success of Bangladesh?
Sheikh Hasina, the Honorable Prime Minister of Republic of Bangladesh addressed the participants about the remarkable growth of Bangladesh and how despite the challenges of COVID-19, the country took measures to sustain its economic growth. Talking about the new normal, she shed light on how the pandemic has not only challenged the economic system globally but also the health system. She remarked on the valuable contribution of the WMS in preparing the world for tomorrow.

H.E. Joko Widodo

What are the problems faced by the world due to pandemic? How to overcome these challenges? What are the new strategies for more jobs? What are the new opportunities?
H.K. Joko Widodo discussed the new challenges the world is facing now and how we can overcome these problems with new solutions and strategies. He also said that 2022 is full of new opportunities so we should work hard for them.

H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi

How did Pakistan manage to handle the COVID situation, inflation, smart lockdown and economic collapse? What were the COVID aspects that benefited or harmed Pakistan in different sectors like health, education, tourism, trade and economy? How is Pakistan becoming business friendly post COVID?
President of Pakistan Mr Arif Alvi in his speech talks about how tremendously Pakistan has handled the pandemic. He focuses on how the education system modified itself in the form of virtual education. How improved systems were established in awareness in the health sector and increased internal tourism of Pakistan and also trade. He briefs how there are great possibilities in Pakistan for people to invest in being a peaceful and potential country.

H. E. Leni Robredo

How do we navigate through this unprecedented time? What will the business and marketing landscape look like in a post-COVID-19 world? What can we do to help build the next new normal one that is better, more sustainable and more humane?
H. E. Leni speaks about the unforeseen challenges that COVID-19 has presented to the world, and how these challenges have become an obstacle for the global economy. She expresses that there is no certainty about what the world will be like once the pandemic crisis is over. Leni highlights that impacts of pandemic have been widespread since the world has become very interconnected. The pandemic has impacted not only the economy, but also the lives of individuals as they are faced with many challenges in daily life.

H.E. Dr. A. K Momen

How digitalization efforts can push a country towards development? Why has digitalization become so important for the countries in the contemporary world? How can marketing enhance the image of a country at international level?

Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen spoke about the great opportunity that the Electronic World Marketing Summit has brought, especially to overcome the present pandemic crisis globally. He moves on with his discussion emphasizing about the significance of technology and how digital transformation is becoming imperative for countries to develop. He further comments about what is marketing and how it is crucial for businesses, especially for developing credibility, competitiveness and trustworthiness.

H.E. Baba Adham

How technology can transform the strategies of the government to curb the spread of COVID-19? Why has digital transformation become significant in an age of social distancing? What measures can be taken to move towards an accelerated digital health sector and how can it be utilized for the benefit of the government and public? How technology can be the driving force for the evolution of healthcare?
Dr. Adham Baba keeping in view the current COVID-19 pandemic suggests that digital adoption and transformation has accelerated and become a need of time. He shares certain initiatives that the government in collaboration can undertake to curb the spread of COVID-19. He focuses on how important it has become to digitalize the health sector, such as visual meetings of doctors and patients.