Sadia Kibria

What does the world want from businesses in the fight against COVID? What is Sociopreneurship and why is it so important for a better and sustainable world? How major companies worked together to fight COVID and what important message they have delivered? What are the new demands of consumers from the companies and why is it important for the companies to fulfil those demands?
Sociopreneurship carries a mission and vision to change and transform society. Sadia Kibria’s speech will highlight the key components of sociopreneurship and how major companies are adopting this concept to save the world from the impacts of Covid-19 and why it is important now for big corporations to work for the betterment of the people.

Guerino Delfino

Why is the act of humility required? What are the key takeaways about COVID? How are global sustainability goals important in bringing the revolution? What are the important factors in achieving sustainability? How brands are setting new narratives and stances for the world? Why is it necessary to learn market and consumer habits?
Delfino emphasizes on the importance of adapting to the ways of the natural world rather than material world. He suggests that an act of humbleness is necessary which is why nature and economy should both be taken into account as proportional to each other. Delfino highlights that COVID has taught us that we are facing the same challenges which require collective progress towards global sustainability goals, especially SDGs. Transparency is necessary in achieving truthfulness in narrative building and marketing objectives to enhance long term growth. He further proposes that brands need to be honest with their storytelling behind their inspiration and stance building as consumers have a huge role in ensuring sustainability. He further focusses that life choice must be in line with the conscience. Values combined with technology and finance regulation is the key in ensuring sustainability.

Henry Mintzberg

Why is there imbalance in society and the lack of balance between sectors? What are the three sectors of power? What are the three most common ways of going out of balance? What is populism? Why is getting into marketing a problem? Why do most countries have their public sectors private?
Henry Mintzberg is talking about the issues our society is facing, and the most common one is being out of balance and marketing. He also talked about the problem that is related to the pandemic. He also talks about the causes of these problems. He also discussed the issue of pollution.

Dr. Vinnie Jauhari

How to make the field of education accessible and sustainable? What should be the key priorities to focus on during the pandemic to foster the continuation of education? How should teachers be encouraged for innovation in the field of education? What should be the professional development approach for teachers?
Vinnie Jauhari talked about the significance of training teachers, especially for important programs such as Microsoft, because they are directly interacting with peers, therefore they need to be well-informed with modern technology and have up-to-date skills. Jauhari focused on how the pandemic has changed the face of education delivery. Moreover, it is the need of time, that despite challenges, teachers continue to work with passion in educating children, thus their efforts must be recognized. Apart from focusing on the teachers, she suggested opening more learning opportunities for the students and giving them credentials that will help them realize the importance of their skill.