Mauro Bombacigno

How risks and opportunities can be turned into events proactively? Why have values become more important in the pandemic world? How can managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders keep up with speedy change? Why traditional strategies cannot counter future challenges?
Bombacigno highlights that pandemics have presented the world with many accelerating themes for sustainable society. Pandemic has presented humankind with various tasks and opportunities, turning them into events concerning environment, sustainability, global warming and biodiversity etc. he emphasizes that pandemic has restarted the world which is why we need to be very careful while using resources that are not rebuildable. Financial institutions not only have the responsibility to make clientele based upon trust and transparency, but also make the world a better place. He further insists that traditional strategies and ways of dealing will not help in countering future challenges. New times require new strategies and mindsets. For better social inclusion, we need to find better solutions.

Prof. Sandra Vandermerwe

How has the pandemic opened new ways of innovation and countless possibilities? How COVID has shaped the latest trend of reaching the customer? How resilience is playing an important part for the business as well as the customer? What is the similarity in the global trends observed during the pandemic? how the pandemic has changed the perception of the customer of the new normal? Why is innovation an important part of a pandemic? How can waste be converted into an asset?
Sandra Vandermerwe talks about how pandemic affected the global trends of business. She further sheds light why innovation can be a solution to the many problems which took place during the pandemic.

Francis J. Kong

What are the new challenges that have emerged for leaders because of the pandemic? What are the important leadership skills and leadership development? What are the seven disruptions of modern day living? What is the future of the new pandemic generation? Why is chronic instability the new normal? What should be the thinking process of a leader in such challenging times? Why is emotional intelligence so important to be a good leader?
Francis Kong who has an extensive experience of teaching leadership development in the leading universities and organizations talks about the thinking process, the mindset a successful leader should follow. The new challenges this pandemic has brought for the leaders and how the leaders should take along this new pandemic generation.

Philip Kotler

• How will Capitalism be affected from pandemic? • When the Coronavirus is over, which companies will recover and which will lag over? • How long will take the recovery? • What is the difference between Traditional Capitalism and Social Capitalism? • What are the changes in consumer behavior? What are the Major Tools of the new marketing? • How the pandemic is affecting our customers and our lives?

Professor Kotler in his deep speech for the eWMS 2020 has taken an in-depth look into the past and present of consumerism. He has identified and described the changes in consumer trends and behavior resulting from the impact of COVID-19. In his video analyses the problem of COVID-19 and how the pandemic is affecting our customers and our lives. He shows some strategies and tools that are used in making your business success greater.

Enrico Foglia

• Which role will I play in the next 2 years? • What about marketing? • What kind of business was the Phoenician activity? • What are the marketing principles?

Starting from the Confucius quote “Study the past if you want to define the future”, Enrico Foglia shares his own experience in marketing technology innovation in order to give us a different perspective to manage all the changes we are facing in critical time.

Michael Jacobides

What is the effect of the COVID-19 Crisis on the whole world? How the companies will be able to survive? Who are the companies that will gain advantage? How to face this crisis?

Professor Michael G. Jacobides video talks about the effect of the important crises that have historically disrupt economies and society, from Black Death to World War and SARS: which are, now, the effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on the whole world?

Giuseppe Stigliano

• What is the meaning of Digital Transformation? • What are the difficulties for companies to deal with Digital Transformation? • What are the effects of pandemic on Digital Transformation? • What should be done to keep a business on its feet despite Pandemic shocks? • Do you believe that we need now more than ever retail marketing?

Giuseppe Stigliano explains how businesses should take advantage of the so-called “Perfect storm” in order to go through it and avoid recession. The speech analyses the solutions a business should apply depending on its scope of work to keep on operating.

Alberto Levy

What is Recursivity? What is the difference between Distinctive Competences and Competitive Advantages? What do you need to improve the formulation of the strategy? What is the concept of PURPOSE?  What are the five levels of LEARNING?

In the next speech, Alberto Levy presents the PENTA model which we can analyze, transform, or reinvent a complete company.

Dr. Ira Kaufman

How do crises affect our future?  Is there another way to obtain an harmonious future?  Does strategic balance depend mostly on values?  Will we be able to create an harmonious future?

Dr. Ira Kaufman’s speech will analyses the 7 drivers to create business balance and establish new values for economic goals.

Roberto Basso

• How can employees improve their skills? • How can a leader provide a better working environment? • Does a human based approach create better results for companies and customers? • Will this human-based strategy survive the new crisis?

This speech of Roberto Croci explains how marketing is emerging as a human-centered conversation that is evolving to become a better strategy continuously renovating.