Philip Kotler

If a business bypasses the interest in sustainability, it will miss many things that it can do to reduce its waste level and improve the company’s image and what it cares about. So please, we want your company to last for a long time and practice and balance these two things, pursuing profitability and pursuing sustainability.

Sadia Kibria

 Whether it be a person or a business, it is the responsibility of everyone to help in making this world a better place for everyone. Governments, businesses, and brands have a much larger, more effective, and more efficient impact than individual efforts

Marshall Goldsmith

We’re not here on earth to mark our presence or prove how right we are. We are here on earth to make a positive difference. Build your credibility twice; one for yourself as a trustworthy influencer on decision-makers and the second for what you sell. Is that creating the required impact? Both must create a notable difference.

Basak Karaca

Sustainability is a movement that must be essential to our daily life patterns. The biggest challenge is to sustain such practices, which are bound to bring growth and prosperity to this world. Big Companies like Coca-Cola play vital roles in creating a lasting impact on everyday life in society. These companies can develop ecosystems that save and secure water resources; waste is managed, women are empowered and thus better future for our children.

Mauro Porcini

Human centricity is at the base of business today. If you don’t create extraordinary excellent products in the age of excellence. Somebody else will do it on your behalf. Human centricity is at the center of a better, happier society as a more sustainable planet for all of us to live in.

H.E. Ozgul Ozkan

Responsible and sustainable tourism helps protect the environment, cultural heritage, and social and economic structure and is an important tool for global peace. The tourism industry works for the happiness of the people. By increasing intercultural understanding and sympathy, tourism serves world peace

H.E. Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki

The essence of marketing namely making the relevant topic known extensively and sharing and internalizing it as a value. These solve social problems and help create world peace. This condition has encouraged us to continue to hold the Hiroshima business Forum for global peace.

Istvan Kapitany

Marketers are uniquely positioned to influence social change, convey key messages, and use insights to shape customer offers. They are vital in catalyzing positive change and keeping sustainability at the forefront of consumers’ minds in the transition to lower carbon living, navigating this complex journey by understanding their needs, sometimes even before they do, and making their choices easy.

H.E. Mashiur Rahman

The Bangladesh government has taken initiatives towards building a digital Bangladesh that will train the workforce to deal with the 4th Industrial Revolution, compatible with our resource endowment structure

Stefania Pertusi

We will talk about promoting talents and sustainability through mentoring. New generations are looking for purpose and impact in what they do; they’re looking for a way to influence the planet, people, and environment positively; therefore, talent retention for companies is an important step.