A letter from our CEO

A letter from Sadia Kibria, Chief Executive Officer

March 2020

Ten years ago, World Marketing Summit was born to elevate marketing from a corporate tool to a social equalizer that will deliver through a global stratagem, “The new paradigm of marketing for the 21st Century.” WMS vision is based on two separate but interconnected elements 

  1. Evolution of Marketing as a discipline 
  2. Using Marketing to change the world 

Human behavior drives the world. From the way we use world’s resource through our basic day consumption and living to the decisions made at enterprises and institutions which drives the world’s economy – people’s belief, values and its influence on choices made has created the world we live today. By influencing the behavior, the biggest impact can be made towards the creation of a better world.

We are at a unique position today due to technology innovations, to engage with experts round the world and find solutions to the existing challenges in a manner and scale never thought possible.

We invite you to join us in the exciting global odyssey ahead. Together – with world-class thinkers, corporate captains and social change leaders, let us create new paradigm shifts and make a significant, measurable and long-term impact on the most critical issues facing society and mankind. Let us unite in translating corporate CSR initiatives though innovative marketing stratagem into global solutions that reflects your own corporate aspirations and commitment to the nation, communities you serve and the global market place. 

The marketing has evolved, and we work to create global shifts in human behavior through modern marketing strategies that impact society and our lives………NEVER STOP!

Sadia Kibria


New Marketing
to Meet Sustainability