Francesco Venturini

• What are the main drivers for e-mobility? • What are the benefits of electric vehicles? • Are normal cars more efficient than e-cars (power, speed, sustainability)? • Can e-cars perform like normal cars?

As the world is changing fast, customers’ needs are also changing fast. Francesco Venturini, CEO of ENEL X, the leader in the electricity industry and services, shows the importance of e-mobility and how it simplifies the life of all people.

Enrico Foglia

• Which role will I play in the next 2 years? • What about marketing? • What kind of business was the Phoenician activity? • What are the marketing principles?

Starting from the Confucius quote “Study the past if you want to define the future”, Enrico Foglia shares his own experience in marketing technology innovation in order to give us a different perspective to manage all the changes we are facing in critical time.

Romano Prodi

• Will trade be affected by the increase of internal production? • Will this pandemic affect relationship and diplomacy between countries? • How can countries promote the recovery of the industries most affected by this pandemic?

Romano Prodi will show how the global economy will change in the post-COVID era. Hi-tech is the only market that will strongly survive moving the focus from global to regional autonomy, probably pushing another wave of governmental intervention.

Giuseppe Stigliano

• What is the meaning of Digital Transformation? • What are the difficulties for companies to deal with Digital Transformation? • What are the effects of pandemic on Digital Transformation? • What should be done to keep a business on its feet despite Pandemic shocks? • Do you believe that we need now more than ever retail marketing?

Giuseppe Stigliano explains how businesses should take advantage of the so-called “Perfect storm” in order to go through it and avoid recession. The speech analyses the solutions a business should apply depending on its scope of work to keep on operating.

Roberto Basso

• How can employees improve their skills? • How can a leader provide a better working environment? • Does a human based approach create better results for companies and customers? • Will this human-based strategy survive the new crisis?

This speech of Roberto Croci explains how marketing is emerging as a human-centered conversation that is evolving to become a better strategy continuously renovating.

Sergio Pininfarina & Ludovico Campana

• How does innovation inspire the change in critical times? • How did TUC change the world of vehicles? • What is the TUC ecosystem?

Sergio Pininfarina and Ludovico Campana, in this video, explain an introduction of TUC technology as an innovative service in automotive. They also show how this technology represents a human-centered design and a customer-centric product.

Angelo Monoriti

What is LEADERSHIP really about? What is the ROLE of the leader in our times? Whats the right stand points from which to look at leadership? Whats is the difference between the leaders and the followers? How emotional intelligence can help the relationship between negotiation and leadership?

In the next speech, Professor Angelo Monoriti will tell us the difference between Leadership & Lead The Sheep.

Roberto Tundo

How is technology a fundamental enabler for any kind of business today? How to create a contact with customers in a detailed and personal way?  How could technology be part of an overall set of corporate values that we should apply? How is it possible to increase customer retention through technologies?

Roberto Tundo analyses the technology enablers and the role it plays in different industries and in the relation between the company and the customer.

Veronica Civiero

What is the value of social media?  Do Social Media have a positive impact rather than negative? Does creativity help brands to stand out on social media? Does the Pandemic increase the presence of social media in our lives?

Veronica shows the impact of social media on our community and its value from the beginning of social media to the pandemic era we live.

Nino Lo Bianco

• What innovations are needed for the company in this moment? • Which are the most disruptive sectors and how have these changed companies? • How to survive in the future?

Nino Lo Bianco, starting from his own experience, he focuses on the new frontiers of consulting for companies and the definition of new trends in marketing and management.