H.E. Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki

The essence of marketing namely making the relevant topic known extensively and sharing and internalizing it as a value. These solve social problems and help create world peace. This condition has encouraged us to continue to hold the Hiroshima business Forum for global peace.

Miki Kanoh

Hiroo Saionji

In this world, everything and everyone is interconnected. To meet the various sustainability goals, securing peace is indeed exquisite. However, history illustrates that the efforts made by governments, or the United Nations are not enough to achieve peace.

Hiroshi Igarashi

Tokomo Kawakami

Shinichiro Fujita

Kozo Takoka

Kozo Takaoka

What is innovation? How can management be called marketing? Why is marketing more than human management? How major innovations have benefited mankind?
Kozo Takoka in his talks explains the definition of innovation by sharing his vast experience of working as an innovation expert. He explains what is innovation and marketing and talks about the future trends of marketing and relates them to the innovations of the past.

Asako Hoshino

Tsunehiro Fukushima

What is going to be the future of marketing? What will be the new Digital marketing trends? What will be the revolutions in the future?
Fukushima in his speech differentiates the past innovations and trends with the innovations and trends of the future. He is sharing his vast experience of marketing and talks about the past marketing trends and ideas that changed the way of living and is guessing about the future of marketing and what is going to be the impact of digital marketing in the future.