Dr. Asghar Zaidi

Sustainability goals are about achieving fairness and justice in societies. Promoting social welfare would promote our current generation’s well-being and protect future generations’ well-being

H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi

Kamran Z. Rizvi

How can we make the other person feel good about themself? We can’t change the world, but we can change the world of someone that we come across, and that requires deliberate, conscious choices and behaviors that will not only be a living example of love and generosity but will also be a balm for this very pained world in which we are living today. We can make a difference.

H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi

How did Pakistan manage to handle the COVID situation, inflation, smart lockdown and economic collapse? What were the COVID aspects that benefited or harmed Pakistan in different sectors like health, education, tourism, trade and economy? How is Pakistan becoming business friendly post COVID?
President of Pakistan Mr Arif Alvi in his speech talks about how tremendously Pakistan has handled the pandemic. He focuses on how the education system modified itself in the form of virtual education. How improved systems were established in awareness in the health sector and increased internal tourism of Pakistan and also trade. He briefs how there are great possibilities in Pakistan for people to invest in being a peaceful and potential country.

Ariful Islam

What is the story behind the success of Meezan bank in Pakistan? What is the vision and mission of Meezan bank? What strategies did the bank follow for its expansion? What are the main pillars behind the branding of the bank?
Ariful Islam who is the Deputy CEO of the premier Islamic bank Meezan shares the success story of Meezan in his speech. He talks about the vision and mission of the bank and how the bank expanded from four branches in the country to be now the premier Islamic bank in Pakistan. He shares the principles of working in the banking industry and how Meezan bank is following all the compliances of the Islamic banking and finance.

Kamran Z. Rizvi

What is the new normal in leadership styles? How can a leader become impactful and adaptive in ever changing circumstances? What is the difference between a leader brand and a leadership brand? Why is courage of a leader and leadership at minimal, moderate or brave level important to discuss?
Rizvi emphasizes that reality is ever changing which is why the leadership is also required to be acclimatized actively. He suggests that a leader should be a brand, established and known for his/her development, agility and present mindedness. In order to acquire good leadership skills, one needs to become an improved listener in order to build influential relationships with individuals. He highlights that leaders can only empower individuals when they are empowered and inspired themselves. When leadership is empowered, it delivers what is expected by the possible stakeholders, thus strengthening the brand name of the leader for individuals to follow. He further elaborates that trustworthiness and reliability of a leader is responsible for encouraging the shared vision of corporate and organizational culture.

Dr. Atta ur Rahman

Why is it imperative to invest in the field of science and technology? Why are certain countries, even in the new age of crisis, able to move forward rapidly? How has technology changed the face of innovation?
Dr. Atta ur Rehman talks about the importance of education and how crucial it is for a country to prosper. He suggests the nations should take examples from the countries that have invested wealth and resources in the field of education, and research. The countries need to focus on building an educated youth for its tomorrow and this can only be done when the focus will be on educating them. Countries that invest in research and learning programs in terms of innovation and technology are far ahead than others.

Amir Paracha

Why is there a need to reimagine models of marketing to capture future goals, get on the front line to grow that on the front line of society? What forces in this age demand a new paradigm for business? When the main focus of consumers is turning to human relationships and betterment, what should be the new market philosophy?
Amir Paracha talks about the changes that brands have to adopt in order to stay in the market. For example, one of the biggest and most prominent examples of change of behavior of customers towards a brand is that they expect the brands to have a say and narrative about societal issues. He suggests that brands need to be led by some purpose in order to make an impact on the society and environment.

Obaid Bin Zakria

How has pandemic impacted the sector of education globally? How has digital transformation penetrated the sector of education? How to improve education and training within the futuristic perspective?
Obaid bin Zakria gives valuable insights on how the sector of education has suffered due to the pandemic and how a huge number of students and educational institutions faced crisis. According to him the biggest impact was on the long practiced interactive teaching and learning methodology, which transformed from face to face interaction, mostly online processes, interchangeable use of distance learning with online education. This not only put emotional stress on the students but also affected the teaching faculty. It demanded more interactive learning environment as part of the broader digital transformation to ensure that the education institutions remain fully functional, which imply that most of the educational reforms or developments would reach out equally too much broader community irrespective of their location and socioeconomic status

Irfan Wahab Khan

How pandemic has created new opportunities for technology and innovation? How consumer mindset changed after the pandemic? Why is the role of technology important in marketing? Why is “digitization” considered the future?
Khan highlights that pandemic has entirely changed everything in terms of innovation, connection, productivity, marketing and customer service. He elaborates that almost everything around us has become digitized i.e. energy solutions, solar energy, electric cars etc. since the pandemic, customer demands and values have changed. Other than pandemic, the availability of new tech devices has granted access to various social media platforms that make and break the survival and marketing value of brands. He states that technology was there for the past ten years but the pandemic has brought a great shift creating many advantageous marketing strategies for businesses. Khan further emphasizes that the future is for sure digital which is why it is necessary to explore and learn about new digital channels and strategies.