Romano Prodi

• Will trade be affected by the increase of internal production? • Will this pandemic affect relationship and diplomacy between countries? • How can countries promote the recovery of the industries most affected by this pandemic?

Romano Prodi will show how the global economy will change in the post-COVID era. Hi-tech is the only market that will strongly survive moving the focus from global to regional autonomy, probably pushing another wave of governmental intervention.

Larry Light

• Are MBA level programs preparing new generation for the new social and environment realities? • Why the value of MBA has deteriorated over the time? • MBA programs are really giving students adequate salary opportunities? • Is MBA world market brand considered now as a bad value for money? • What are the impacts relevant of an MBA?

Prof. Larry Light analyses the difference between a traditional MBA and a modern MBA focusing on all the challenges being faced. The role of businesses school towards the serious ethical issue of corporate social responsibility.

Khalid Suliman Al Rajhi

What is the importance of branding? What are the Brand building steps and their applications in Saudi Market?

Prof. Fernando Serra

• What is the impact of COVID-19 on consumers? • How COVID-19 Impacted on Higher Education student’s enrollment? • What are the new challenges for Higher Education Institutions on Students retention?

Starting from the experience of Brazil, the speech of professor Fernando Serra analyses the situation of the Higher Education Institutions after the pandemic.

Bodo Schlegelmilch

• Why Business School Needs Radical Innovations and development trajectories? • Is traditional education in business as we used to know able to survive to great changes the world? • The epicenter of Business Education will definitely move to other areas of the world? • What will be the future of Top Brands in Business Education?

In the next speech, prof. Bodo Schlegelmich from Vienna will drive us into the future of Business Education.

Sekib Avdagic

How did COVID-19 affect the Turkish economy and market? Why is the industrial sector so important for Turkey? How does digital transformation help Turkey to develop?  How much does human adaptation and upskill to technology contribute to all sectors improvement?

Sekib Avdagic shows Turkey goals for the future, in all sectors, through digitalization, to support the recovery and growth of the industrial and agricultural sector.

Leni Robredo

The Vice President of Philippine talks about the challenges they are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on: “We are here not just to do business or marketing, but to promote a world where every individual can dream for himself, for his own community, for his own country, and ultimately for the rest of humanity.”

Hermann Simon

What could be considered as TRUE PROFIT?  What is The Role of Profit in the COVID-19 Crisis? Will COVID-19 make profits even more important than in normal times?

In this speech, Prof. Hermann Simon will talk about his long experience in marketing to explain the new scenario that all the companies will face in the post COVID-19 era.

Prof. Aung Tun Thet

• What does Crisis mean in terms of Chinese world? • How we will face this crisis? • How do we navigate the VUCA World? • What is Crisis Leadership for Public Administration?

Prof. Aung talks about Crisis Management Impact on Public Administration. The topic is quite relevant especially for the pandemic that has affected the whole world. He focuses on 3 areas: Crisis management, the VUCA world, Crisis Leadership for Public Administrators

Nicoletta Luppi

• How to rethink and transform healthcare? • Which are the 10 biggest threats in 2020 for Health? • Is the Pandemic served as a widespread test to verify the effectiveness of digital solutions? • What is the important to invest in Prevention?

Nicoletta Luppi talks about the creation of shared value in healthcare, and how to make National Healthcare Systems resilient to current and future pandemics.