H.E. Ozgul Ozkan

How has the pandemic being the toughest time has brought resilience and solidarity? How has the pandemic impacted tourism, agriculture and biodiversity? What are the prerequisites of the recovery process? What are the new trends in the tourism industry?
Ozkan highlights that the pandemic has changed the world in many aspects. The tourism industry has received the biggest blow alongside many other businesses. Pandemic paralyzed people’s mobility which is why the safety building of hygiene, precautions and coordination can bring many solutions to the problem. She emphasizes that the revival of the tourism industry is interlinked with the containment of the virus to boost the confidence of visitors. Ozgul further suggests that other than ensuring safety and security, communication and infrastructure management also holds great importance. To cater to this requirement, amalgamation of culture, technology, diplomatic relations, cooperation and community engagement will serve as an anchor and ramp to boost the industry.